Quarndon [1902-????]

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RBL 112 was leased by Alfred Bryer in 1902.  He was born in Quarndon, Derby.

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RBL 112 was put up for public auction by the Government on 11 Aug 1902 with a requirement to complete a substantial building within one year. I don't know the result of the auction. The Peak Re-numbering Exercise of 18 Mar 1904 lists Quarndon, which I take as an indication that it was either complete or at least sufficiently near completion to be allocated a name.

The Hongkong Daily Press of 19 Oct 1903, Page 3, carried an article on homes being built on the Peak and mentions;

“The new house built by Mr Bryer in the throat of Victoria Gap is now completed and occupied, and though the site – a mere shelf on the face of the rock above the Police Station – did not lend itself to architectural effect, the result is an eminently comfortable and convenient place of abode, open to all the breezes and commanding extensive views”.

Quarndon is being referred to, although not mentioned by name. It must therefore have been constructed sometime between 11 August 1902 (site auction date) and 19 October 1903 (date of newspaper article).