Glenshiel, The Small House/The Bungalow [c.1903-????]

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"Glenshiel, The Small House", later renamed "The Bungalow", was built on RBL 108 between the Barker/Plantation Roads Peak Tram Station and its larger neighbour named "Glenshiel". 

1901. RBL 108 was put up for public auction by the Government on 6th August 1901 with the successful bidder required to construct a substantial building within 18 months (Government Notification 408/1901). I don't know the auction result.

1904. The Peak Renumbering Exercise of 18 March 1904 listed "Glenshiel (The Small House)" with 124 Plantation Road as its address.

1909. The 1909 map at marked "Glenshiel (The Small House)", 124 Plantation Road.

1914. The 1914 Renumbering Exercise named the property as "The Bungalow (Glenshiel SH)".

1924. The 1924 Renumbering Exercise listed the property as "The Bungalow", with a new address of 450 Barker Road.

Construction of "Glenshiel (The Small House)" commenced sometime after 6th August 1901 (land auction) and was completed sometime before 18th March 1904 (Renumbering Exercise). Between 1909 and 1914 its name changed to "The Bungalow". 1980's photos show a significantly different building on the site, so the original building had been replaced by then.

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