The Peak Tram, upper terminus [1888- ]

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1888 - Opens

The service opened to the public on the 30th May 1888. Here's how it was reported on page 3 of the Hong Kong Telegraph:

THE Peak Tramway commenced operations this morning, the first car leaving St John Place punctually at 8 o'clock, and the succeeding cars being despatched according to the Co.'s Time Table. A few passengers, ladies included, availed themselves of the opportunity to enjoy a ramble over the breezy hills in the morning - an extremely healthy diversion which we will never tire of recommending to residents in the lower levels after the oppressive nights which they have to endure in this season.

Photos show the engine house was the only building in the beginning. The platform was not covered:

Peak Hotel
Peak Hotel, by hfsiu

1??? - A station is added

Later photos show a building added, and a roof over the platform. (This photo is looking in the opposite direction to the previous photo.)

Peak Tram Upper Terminus
Peak Tram Upper Terminus, by annelisec

1926 - The engine hauling the tram sitches from steam to electric power

it is reported in the 1926 Public Works Department Annual Report as:

Reconstruction of Upper Peak Tram Station House and Engine House.

We've been sent this photo showing the upper Peak Tram terminus in the 1940s, looking much as it would have when Martin Booth saw it in the 1950's.

1940s Upper Peak Tram Terminus

The ruined area to the right is where the grand Peak Hotel once stood. It was demolished after WWII, so this photo must have been taken in the late 1940s.

Photos that show this Place


Peak Tower I was built behind the upper terminus. The current Peak Tower was designed by Farrells Architects. On their website they refer: 

The design incorporates the existing Peak Tram station, the terminus of a venerable funicular railway that opened in 1888 to ferry the elite to their homes on The Peak.

So, in a way, the 1888 upper terminus still exists.