1945 Praya & GPO

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 19:51

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This reminds me of the revelation by T about the TST KCR terminus columns on Chatham Rd South.

The most bizarre thing is the location and the logistics involved of karting them up Kwun Yam Shan!!

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This brought me back to the thought of the original Blake's Pier, which was relocated to Stanley, right next to the Murray House.  I wonder was that particular pier the one shown in one of the old Central pohtos.  If so, I wonder where did they store the material all these years.

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As a kid, I was often playing at the Morse Park under the canopy of the Blake's Pier. It was installed on a boat-shaped platform made of concrete, with smaller versions on its sides. I enjoyed imagining being at sea. Sometimes the platform was used as a performance stage. 

At first, there's no rooms on the platform, but some years later, it's occupied by rooms and the space for playing was much reduced. I wasn't sure what those rooms were for, though it was probably the changing rooms and store rooms for artists and technicians.

I missed it when I found that it was gone one day when I was back in the park as a grown-up. To my delight, it was a great time being able to visit it again in its restored state in Stanley.