1920s Praya West

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 19:46

Received via email

Date picture taken


Greetings. The wooden booth at the front of the pier was still there in the early 1950s when I took the Sham Shui Po ferry.   By then, fare payment has moved to inside the building, and the seat plank was the only thing left inside.   Near the booth could be wicker baskets containing seafood just unloaded or to be loaded, for one time I saw live crabs in them. The little stone structure on the right must be the public toilet as, on a few occasions, I went east before going west.

If not for the gallery listing and the age of the boats anchored here, I would have estimated this photo was closer to the 1950s.  Regards, OldTimer

I think the three piers we can see behind (east) of the Morrison Street Pier are:

Ping On Wharf

Po Tak (Pasig) Wharf

Tung On Wharf

Further to the east should be the Hong Kong Macau Ferry Wharf (second generation), but not clearly visible.