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Below Hospital Road

Below Hospital Road


This should be titled below Hospital Road rather than Caine; showing the top of the Tai Ping Shan area. the track on the right of the picture is Rutter Lane with Pound lane running mid right to left down the hill in front of the row of houses. The building behind was the police station no 8(?) second generation before it moved to High street.   



This photo was taken from the platform of this building after it was demolished in the 1920’s



This platform that the building was built on collapsed during heavy rains in the 17th July 1925 killing 75 people living on Po Hing Fong including a member of Legco Chau Siu-ki..


Taken from the same vantage point: (This looks like it could be from the same series of photos


The first photo in the SCMP article listed below is dated 1894

which if correct means this photo is later, due to the newer buildings, however there are no signs of the clearence of the neighbourhood shown here that happened in 1898






Tai Ping Shan District, mid 1890s
Tai Ping Shan District, mid 1890s, by Herostratus
1930s Caine Road
1930s Caine Road.jpg, by moddsey
Hospital Road 1960
Hospital Road 1960, by Herostratus


Top Right of Photo is No. 8 Police Station (2nd Generation)


Building half hidden behind police station is this one:


Large building with triangular roof to left is Dinder


Middle Left of the photo can be seen No.8 Police Station (1st Generation)


Just to the right of seen No.8 Police Station (1st Generation)  is the London Mission Chapel and Dispensary


Tung Hing Theatre is at the bottom left corner of photo.