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1880s Buildings on the Peak

1880s Buildings on the Peak
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, January 1, 1887


In this photo:
RBL 60 - Mountain View (11 houses),
RBL 5 - Cragieburn  ,
RBL 31 - Dunford and The Chalet ,
RBL 62 - Peak Club  ,
RBL 57 - Wellburn,
RBL 10 - The Mount,
Government Villas,
RBL 6,8 - Creggan,
RBL 20 - Dunnotar,
RBL 23 - Peak Church

Can one confirm the Peak Club is in view ?  May have to advance the date.

I can't see "Peak Club", probably because it hadn't yet been built as Moddsey suggests.

"Tai Koo Peak House" (www.gwulo.com/node/9587) is the brown detached house on the ridgeline just to the right of "Mountain View" (the terrace of houses in the top left corner).

The 1909 map at www.gwulo.com/atom/14774 confuses the issue by wrongly placing "Cloudlands" between "Mountain View" and "Tai Koo Peak House". The 1912 map at www.gwulo.com/atom/13074 aligns the buildings correctly, i.e. from west to east along the ridge, "Mountain View", "Tai Koo Peak House" and "Cloudlands". In the photo above "Cloudlands" hasn't yet been built, but I think its site is the flat piece of land to the right of "Tai Koo Peak House".

Also, I'm thinking the two storey building above and slightly to the left of Peak Church is "Hillside" (www.gwulo.com/node/5353).