Creggan - RBL 6&8 - 1880s [????- ]

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1894 - Mrs. Mulloy - tenant

1902 - Sir T. Jackson

1905 - J. W. Ross Taylor - tenant




1900 Mar 6

Thomas Jackson proposed that HSBC buy “Creggan” for his successors as chief manager for $30,000. The day before the sale, Chater offered HSBC "The Cliffs" and said Chater would bid for Creggan. Chater got it for $33,000 & HSBC bought The Cliffs for $40,000. HSBC archives Card #382.

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Creggan was on the border of RBL 6 and RBL 8.

It was owned by Thomas Jackson of HSBC fame.  "Creggan" was the name of his childhood parish in Ireland. Creggan Historical Society

This Hong Kong house is also mentioned on the website The Silver Bowl in letters where Jackson's mother wrote:

In 1880:

And it is pleasant to reflect that you have your own nice cool “Creggan" to go back to; when the city becomes too hot.

And in 1885

Minnie (Amelia Dare Jackson, Thomas' wife) speaks of it being her last time in “Creggan”. Now I will not advise you not to part with Creggan till the last day you are in Hong Kong. I think Creggan is to be thanked under God for the good health you have all enjoyed in a trying climate nor do not finally give up your situation till after you are at home. You might possibly regret the loss of it. It will be easy to write your signature at any time.


from The Silver Bowl website:

  • A timeline of events that link the Jackson family and Creggan:
  • Richard Garrett gives a likely date for the initial purchase of the land: One aspect in relation to Jackson and Creggan which may be of interest concerns the date of his building the house. Firstly Creggan was sited on the border of RBLs 6 and 8. The index to the streets etc. lists it as RBL 6s but a map of the Peak for 1907 lists it as RBL 8. Anyway the two lots abutted. The first RBLs on the Peak were nos. 1 to 4 which were all sold in September 1878. I don't have the date for when Nos 6 and 8 were sold but RBL 9 was sold in March 1879. Hence a date around the end of 1878 would seem to be about right. Given that the house had to be built it is reasonable to suppose that Jackson could not have moved in before about the end of 1879 or early 1880.