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Everything tagged "1950 Military Installations Closed Areas"

Hankow-Canton Railway Building [????-????]

The building is mentioned in Pauline's Post:

[...] the Hankow-Canton Railway Building on Middle Road just off Nathan Road.

and in these comments:

It was built originally as an hotel, was at some stage taken over by the army and used as some sort of headquarters, and eventually housed the Resettlement Department in the 1970s.

Far East Farm Camp [1949-????]

Date Place completed: 

Seems to have been used post WWII, especially during Korean War. Location from a mapsite; certainly was around Castle Peak area

Tai Shek Mo / Crest Hill [????- ]

The closest place to Shenzen that is outside of the restricted area.  Used to be used by the British military for listening/watching as well as for exercises.

Can be reached via roads or more interestingly by a short hike from Ho Sheung Heung.

Some old pictures: http://www.4regtra-reunion.org.uk/16005.html

Former RAF Officers' Mess, Kai Tak [1934- ]

Date Place completed: 
c.1934-01-01 (Month, Day are approximate)

RAF Batty's Belvedere [????-????]

Some of the entries for RAF Little Sai Wan mention going to work at the listening station at the top of the Peak, called "Batty's Belvedere".

It's very close to the site of the old building, The Eyrie.

Chatham Road Camp [1946-1977]

Date Place completed: 
Date Place demolished: 

Dates and location approximate for now. It appears in photos of the area from the 1940s on. IDJ writes:

That whole area was covered with Nissen Huts and military playing fields up until at least the 1970s and probably until about the time the first Cross Harbour Tunnel was built.


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