Places tagged: 1950 Military Installations Closed Areas

Name Completed Closed / Demolished
Arculli’s Camp
Argyle Street Camp for Chinese Interned Soldiers / POW Camp / Barracks
Argyle Street Camp No. 2
Argyle Street Camp Nos. 3 & 4
Beas River Camp
Beas River Camp - West Gate
Bowen Road British Military Hospital
Cafeteria Camp / Gordon Camp
Cape Collinson Camp
Causeway Bay Camp
Chatham Road Camp
China Light & Power, Taipo
Chung Hum Kok barracks
Clearwater Bay Peninsula
Dodwell's Ridge Camp
Erskine Camp
Fan Hill Camps (a)
Fan Hill Camps (b)
Fanling Camp
Far East Farm Camp
Former RAF Officers' Mess, Kai Tak
Greenville Amuse­ment Park Camp
Gun Club Hill Barracks
Hankow-Canton Railway Building
Hill 29 Camp
HK Telephone Building / Telephone House, Nathan Road
Ho Tung Farm Camp
Kowloon Park - former site of Whitfield Barracks
Kwan Ti Camp
La Salle College (1st generation)
Lei Yue Mun Barracks / Lei Yue Mun Holiday Village
Lo Wu Camp
Ma Tau Chung Refugee then POW Camp / Ma Tau Wai internment camp
Naval Station, Cheung Chau
Ordnance Depot and Camp, Kowloon Tsai
Osborn Barracks / PLA Kowloon East Barracks
Pak Fu Shan Observation Post
Pak Yuen Camp
Quarry Camp
R.A.F. Explosives Area
R.A.F. Unit Billets, No. 1 Calder Path
R.A.S.C. Anchorage, Shamshuipo
RAF Batty's Belvedere
RAF Mount Davis
RNCWS at Port Island
Royal Navy lookout station, Tai O
Sandy Ridge Observation Post
Shek Kong Army Camp / Barracks
Shing Mun Road
Site of Dill's Corner Camp
Stanley Fort
Tai Lam Camp
Tai Shek Mo / Crest Hill
Tam Mi Camp
Tat Tak
Tate’s Cairn Camp
Volunteer Slope Camp
War Memorial Nursing Home / Royal Navy Hospital / BMH Mount Kellett