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RAF Batty's Belvedere [????-????]

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Demolished / No longer exists

Some of the entries for RAF Little Sai Wan mention going to work at the listening station at the top of the Peak, called "Batty's Belvedere".

It's very close to the site of the old building, The Eyrie.

Photos that show this place



The cannon in the undergrowth ...

(so I type in "Batty's Belvedere" in Google, and it brings me right back to Gwulo ;)

In 1956 the small RAF post at Battys Belvedere was accessed by going through the Cable and Wireless aerial farm at the top of the Peak.   As far as I can recall this RAF post was at the highest point on the peak.  We travelled from Little Sai Wan in an old RAF 3 tonner, terrible journey, and the road at the top of the peak (just past the cable railway terminal) was a switchback nightmare.

Just outside the security fence around the RAF post was a derelict red brick built building where it was rumoured that the Japanese had murdered some Canadian soldiers who were in HK during the Japanese invasion.


lefox, thanks for the extra information about Batty's Belvedere.

I think the rumours about the red brick building were just rumours, as the Peak was still held by the British at the time of the surrender.

regards, David

It was at the highest point on the peak. It certainly was a rough journey in an RAF truck to get to the summit, but at 4am when our shift began, the view of the surroundings was incredible, especially on a misty morning. I wonder if anything of that building remains today. I was there in 1954.

We arrived January 1960 and Dad worked at Batty's for a year or two before being transferred to Little Sai Wan. It was the Air Ministry site then and we thought he listened to the radio all day - he did, just not RHK! The road was narrow with no parking so the shift were transported there by minibus. He later moved over to Tai Mo Shan. Both sites employed deaf and dumb cleaners in a naive attempt at security. 

Mum and I have never heard Belvedere used - it was always simply Batty's

Hiya Liz, my old man who used to work at Sai Wan and at Batty;s used to take usup to rush about on the remains of the old governnors house, well the ruins. Was in Repulse Bay 2 years ago, utterly different, whereas in Stanley, my old home still stands!!!! How are you Paul B

PS do you still have my Vivky Jnr school mags??? haha, not a very serious question, etc.....