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The Eyrie - FL 57 [1877-1931]

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Demolished / No longer exists
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In late 1875, Charles May, the first head of the Hong Kong Police, Fire Brigade and Gaol (retired) applied for a lot at the very top of Mt. Austin and his bungalow was finished two years later in 1877. He chose the spot right at the top opposite "a spot that had been leveled by Baron von Overbeck" with views both toward the harbour and Mt. Kellett. However, he died just four years later in 1879. We do not know if it had a name then, but later it was called The Eyrie.

Seven years later, in 1886, ER Belilios then bought the house, apparently named it "The Eyrie" and used it as his summer home.  You can read the camel story here. That Belilios took a camel on board ship with him was well reported in the newspapers. (see Liz Chater's post)

Belilios leased the Garden Lot, across the public road, for a garden, and The Belvedere in that garden is the subject of many wonderful postcards.


Photos that show this place


The Public Works Department report for 1931 includes:

265. Demolition of "the Eyrie". The work of demolition was carried out by the Lam Construction Co. in March, and a credit of $410.00 was received from them for old materials.

I've marked the path that we took to the top of the Peak in red.  I noticed that on the detail Government map is a "Tunnel portal" - to be investigated.

Eyrie site on 2014 map - 1 of 2 (showing access path)








Eyrie site on 2014 map - 2 of 2 (detail)