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Tam Mi Camp [????- ]

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Described in the 1950 Military Installations Closed Areas document as "The military camp in the place locally known as Q.B. Piggeries, Ngau Tam Mi and including Lot No. 4446 in D.D. 104."


In another article "Waichow Intelligence Summary #29, 6 May 1943" in gwulo ( https://gwulo.com/node/15840 ), it mentions about J.L. QUIE, the owner of Q.B. Piggeries near YUEN LONG

(Sd.) J. L. QUIE

(Sd.) F. A. OZORIO

27th April, 1943. - WAICHOW

INTERROGATION: 26 Apr. and 27 Apr. 43

J. L. QUIE and F. A. OZORIO, arrived WAICHOW 24 Apr. 43

J.L. QUIE: Before hostilities Secretary of Humphres Estate & Finance Co., Ltd.; Secretary of Peak Tramways & Managing Director of Q.B. Piggeries near YEUN LONG, N.T.; Asst. Q.M. of 2nd Battery, H.K.V.D.C.

Quie said he was 3 weeks in NORTH POINT CAMP then in S.S.P. ((Shamshuipo camp)) from which he escaped early in Feb.42 by cutting the wire about half way along the most Northerly sector, between the two sentry points and running across to shelter of buildings North of the vegetable patch just outside the wire. An R.E. Staff Sgt., LIM H. P. (see QUIE's report) gave him the wire cutters and OLIVER and PULLEN (both of 2nd Battery, H.K.V.D.C.) kept watch. B.S.M. ROSE (2nd Bty. H.K.V.D.C.) undertook to fake the roll call for 48 hours. (He has said that he knows how to get in touch with the P's.W. in S.S.P. and that it's easy, but he apparently did not try to find out if his escape was noticed, when and what were repercussions if any. B. HERSCHEND, the Dane, was writing a lengthy report on H.K. when he left WAICHOW and it is thought this may contain some reference to QUIE about whom he spoke strongly as being pro-Japanese, running his Q.B. Piggery for them and having taken a trip to SHANGHAI). After escape QUIE says he took a Chinese name, but obtained no Third National Pass but did have inoculation certificates, etc. He had Hongkong $10,000 with which he entered into the diamond business and did other brokerage jobs. He said his Q.B. Piggery was seized by the Japanese and he got no payment of any kind for the 2,000 or so animals there. All his clothes were saved from his former house in Boundary Street, KOWLOON. He lived after his escape in HOMUNTIN with a Chinese family. He came out with OZORIO and between them they have 9 pieces of luggage - everything they posess - a draft for U.S.$2,000 on the Belgian Ambassador in CHUNGKING obtained through his friend MARTIN, Manager of Belgian Bank in Hongkong. The draft bears MARS???'s ((Name unclear. Martin Heyes suggests it could be J H Marsman)) name. He and OZORIO spent H.K.$4,000 coming out and had some H.K.$700 plus a little C.N. Currency on arrival in WAICHOW. He holds a British Passport and carries a letter obtained from CLARK of Humphreys Estate & Finance Co., Ltd., who is in STANLEY.

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I believe the barracks are still in use by the PLA.  Not much had changed in the area, maybe except there are new residential developments just next door.


Tam Mi Camp
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Any body knows the history of Tam Mi Camp ?

Sure, it's still in use. I passed by it and found that some soldiers were having training in there.