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Royden House Junior and Senior School [????-????]

Royden House Junior and Senior School
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Ha! Welcome to the World-Class School

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ex: Mrs Strange- Miss Elizabeth (Mrs Rudges daughter) etc...


No...he was Egyptian (me) called khaled

yes we were together i was there and as you describe 66-71 im khaled the egyptian who got his mouth washed out with soap by mrs rudge infront of the whole school at Sing Woo Road. 71 i was in form 1 with jhonny wong,dun,dilip marjani (got kicked out),kim,philip the indian etc....

there 66-71 yes that jag always made her a bit more sexy didn't it?

My name is David kim

I now live just outside Washington, DC.  I was at Royden House from about 1961 to 1963.  I fondly remember my time there -- especially Mrs. Chung. She lived on the Peak.  Drove a blue Jaguar.  I got into a bit of trouble at one point and my father thought it had to do with my classmates.  He spoke with Mrs. Rudge and she promoted me to "Transition" I believe.  No more trouble but it was a tough year scholastically. Did Form 1 in the classroom just down the road from the main campus in the Fire Department Building.  I remember Bharti and Jodi Mansetta as students.  Anyone remember them or know where they are?  I also remember a teacher in Form 1 who I believe had been a model.  Don't remember her name.  Would love to hear from anyone there at that time period.  My email is  Now live just outside Washington, DC.

Hi Fiona,

Can you help?

My name is Bernard I am French but I was born in Vietnam. I attended RHS in the late sixties. I am trying to contact my old class mates from that time. I have not been successful so far. I used to leave in a flat not too far from the Peak tram station. There was an Indonesian man and his sister living in the same flat. His name was Roy. If you are not that person, I apologize for the inconvenience.

If you are still interested, i ve got it.I used To teach french there on the late 80s.M'y name was Miss Clout

Royden house school teachers 1991
Royden house school teachers 1991, by Nathalie


Royden house school teachers 1991
Royden house school teachers 1991, by Nathalie

Hi all,

My name is Samir Supnekar.
I was in Royden House in the years
--__ || 1984-1985 || 1985 - 1986 || 1986 - 1987 ||__--   The teachers we had were Miss or Mrs.Sun Mrs.Ng who was our maths 
teacher,Mr.Booth ,Mrs.Strange.Mrs.Rudge would visit our class from time to time.Also we had Mrs.Waldock who was our English teacher.
She would take spelling tests on our first period of our class.And ofcourse I can never forget the washing of the mouth by a soap bar.
which stunned me on my first day of the school.I later found out it was a punishment for those students who utterred
 bad words in school.Swear words were strictly forbidden in Royden house  and this rule was ever more strictly enforced by Mrs.Rudge and 

Here is an image of the Kung Hei Fat Choy happy new year envelop which i have from those times :  


             How do you upload photos in this message i have no idea !!!   please guide me.thanks samir...{:+))

Hey thanks for your prompt reply.I will try to upload some pictures if possible.regards samir.

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Edward and Madeline Thomas who are mentioned in recent posts about the Clark family are identified with a UK address "c/o Dr Royden".

I am pretty sure they were the founders of Royden House - my mother taught at Royden House junior school at  Repulse Bay in the early 1950s, and I dimly recollect the Thomas name as the Principal.

Can anyone confirm? [Now confirmed]

Regards - Geoff     

Fiona your name sounds familiar, did you grad in 1975 or 1976? I have a wechat group where we all grad in 1976 if you care joining.

I was RH class of 1976. Do you know Samson Loo, I think he's Indonesian Chinese too. And Robert Lee, maybe.