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Royden House Junior and Senior School [????-????]

Royden House Junior and Senior School
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Ha! Welcome to the World-Class School

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Yeahhhhhh, I know all those people you mentioned: Patrick Lai, Paul Leon, Barbara Young. How about George Young, Gorbajh Chima, Ryee Wang Kyu, Ryee Young Kyu - the son of a Korean Consulate General. Who R U, pls identify...

Yes, while I was in HK i lived with my Auntie @ Macdonnell Road

Do you know how to upload picture here? or anyone knows? I have pictures of Mr Behan that was taken on dragron boat festival in 1972, I believe. Evan


Hi Target, all of a sudden I remember you - How R U man ???

You have dark skin, not too tall and not skinny (somewhat meaty) back then - am I correct ? Wher R U now ? I am in LA for the past 30 years. If you are still residing in HK, let's meet. I visit HK once or twice a year.



Sisman (Achaa)

Instructions here.

I was there 1974 - 1976 at Happy Valley.

Ias there too and Danny Hui is my cousin.

Got you after 30 years, we were at the same class and you lived in Wanchai area.
We used to hang out with Fat Stephen ( I think Indonesia Guy ) and samll India boy.


Keep in touch



I was there between 1974  - 1976, anyone join in.



Which year are you attended

Hi Albert, I have a vague memory of you, but I know Danny Hui - he is one of my best friend when we were @ RHS. Please let him know that my name is Sisman Aluwi, nickname: Achaa - I would love to contact him via email. Does he still lives in HK ? I am in LA.


Hi Achaa,

Danny is my cousin and he was one year ahead of me at RHS. The last news about Danny was 20 years ago, he left HK and disappeared in the middle of no where. I dont have a clue where he is now. It is a long story about Danny.




It doesnt seem like to me that not too many old folks join this forum or they don't know about this site.


Albert 74- 76

Would you mind to send your old photos to recall my memory.



Anyone knows where about Francisco Gomez 1974

Anyone knows where about Ivan Kowk 1974



Hey, thanks to Albert Cheung I was able to report here to the blog that devotes to the school which I spent some of the happiest days of my life there.

I was there (I think) 75 to 78 after the similar kind of school, "Taylor" closed

The 3 years were like summer camps, parties, parties and parties. But still I managed to get 6 subjects pass in the HKCEE and went to a University in US.


Ring the bell and wake them up. Try to get back all boys and girls in 70's, we really miss the old days.


Albert Cheung

Anyone remember Alfred 74

I can't recall his last name, tall and thin guy. Heavy smoker.



Albert Cheung

Neil, I think I know who you are talking about - Fat Stephen, he has a dark skin, chubby and laugh a lot. Yeahhh, he is from Indonesia, so do I.

We were in the same class.


Albert Cheung

Hi Sarah, I just found this site from Alex (our school mate)...good to hear from you are you.... Danny Tong

By the way,  I was there in 76- F5 at Happy Valley and 77-F6 at Caine Road......How's everybody going?


I know very well of where and what about Albert Yam is now ... but I need to know who you are and prefer to tell you privatley

Alex Ngan '77 F.5 in Happy Valley

For those who want to know - I know very well of where and what about Albert Yam is now ... but I need to know who you are and prefer to tell you in private 

I dont think there is any other school like RHS, lots of history and stories. Students came from every where and to every where. Thanks for the internet and the world became closer and wish all the folks discover this website, as long as this website still exist.

I dont think there is any other school like RHS, lots of history and stories. Students came from every where and to every where. Thanks for the internet and the world became closer and wish all the folks discover this website, as long as this website still exist.

Hey you.

Would love to catch up after all these years.

Drop me a line.


Hey Steve,


Pls tell us a bit more about yourself instead of guessing, which years you were there.



Hi Guys....just visited this site I think it amazing, classmates still keeping in touch on this.  I graduated FORM 5 in '94 or '95 don't remember. Heard Mrs. Strange passes away (Atleast that was told to me by my ex-classmate) RIP....

Want to know if anyone remembers the 2 filipino teachers who were married and both teaching in the school if i'm not mistaken one of them were teaching us English & Literature and also a filipino teacher who used to teach us geography.

cheers to all of you ....

For those of you interested Eddie Vas is in Modesto, California with his wife and dauhgters.

 Hi guys...i went to royden house from 1980-1983...looking for a girl by the name of 'AMBER"...kind of half white half chinese...if anyone has any info send me an email at




Hi all you youngsters,

I was a student at Royden House from 1949 to 1952.  Is there anyone out there who was there in those days?  I love and flourished under the Dalton Plan.  Did any of you experience that?  Assignments given out for six week periods in all the subjects which we could complete at our choice of timetable as long as they were all completed.  Each classroom had a teacher with his or her subject specialties and we were free to come and go from classroom to classrooms.

I would love to be in touch with anyone who was a student during those years.  I was twelve to fifteen during those years.

Thanks.  Looking forward to hearing back from you.  Kumi Kilburn (nee Grace Namkung)

There are currently two, long threads on about Royden House. Would it be easier for future visitors to find what they are interested in if we split them into several shorter threads? And if yes, what would be an easy way for people to recognise which thread to check?

eg how about:

  • Royden House - 1950s
  • Royden House - 1960s
  • etc

Or one thread per building, eg

  • Royden House 1969 - 1971 St. John's Ambulance Building
  • Royden House 1971 - 1973 Kennedy Road
  • Royden House 1973 - 1975 Sing Woo Crescent

Or any other format? Or just leave as it is?

Regards, David

Hi, My name is Zeeshan , it was in my class , His name was John Q and is chiness guy ....He got mouth Wash from Mrs.Rudge....Guys i am in Duabi my 

Number # +971-50-5758-345 E-Mail : ...Pls Contact me ...

Hi , I am  Zeeshan Hussain (Pakistani) , I join RHS 1992 - 1997 ..

My Teachers was " Mrs.Soun she was 1/2 chiness 1/2 indian " Mr.Crus  Phillopino"..Etc

If anybady rings a bell pls contact me : +971-50-5758-345 E-Mail :

I Love You All & Miss You..!

Hi sara , this is Zeeshan a Pakistani boy i dont know if you can remember me but i know you and about that Jon Kiu we were in the same class & i am the one  who complain about Jon Kiu and he get Mouth Wash... I Miss You All..

And i have a group photo 1992-1993 send me e-mail address i will send you

my email address is and i am in Duabi

Cell # +971-50-5758-345


This is Zeeshan i hope you remember me  My E-Mail



HI Liz, Its really a great surprise for me too that I found someone from my class. Are you Elizabeth can you please email me your contact details so that we can talk.


Do you remember anyoone else from our class also.



Hi everybody.....!!

Have any one who study in RHS around 1956s?

or Have any one know the RHS address in 1956s?

I have the ugent case need to know for my boss......please help me...!!!

Thanks a lot.

Hello everyone...!!

My boss already study in this school when he was a kid. But he was not live in Hong Kong anymore, he will back to HK soon and want to visit school, but he forget the address, so he want me help him to find out.

Have anyone know the correct address of RHS in 1956s?

Thank you very much!!



Could you please tell me the address when Royden House in 1956s....

Please send to my mail:

Thanks very much!~~~

Hello to everyone....

Have anyone can tell me the address of Royden House in 1956s?????

Please help me !!!!!


Thanks a lot....


Dear guys & gals,

I saw Sara's message but couldn't contact with her. Here's my e-mail:  The 77-78 school magazine had recalled a lot of fun to me. Wonder how you guys & gals getting on now.  As far as I know two of our classmates had already left. So drop me a line when we still have the chance. Take care everybody.

Danny Tong 77-78 F6

Royden house is no longer there at both Happy Valley and Mid-Level. They are taken over by the Sear Rogers International School which now has campuses in Riviera Garden and Kowloon city.

HK Guy

I was Royden House from 1982-1984, F4 to F5.. I remember Mrs Rudge, Mr and Mrs Gill, Mr Fernandes Mrs Strange, and the cook Tom.. My friends were Shlomit and Sunita Vaswani.  Anyone remember me?

Anyone remembers Shlomit Havazelet and Sunita Vaswani? They were my friends in 1982-84. My email is

Really? I never knew that..I thought she was Mr Gill`s wife..I will never forget Mr Fernandes, Mrs Rudge, Mrs Strange and Miss Pannu..

Hi I remember Michelle. Her last name was Amorim.

Hi my name is Larry i was in Royden till 78'