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Royden House Junior and Senior School [????-????]

Royden House Junior and Senior School
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Ha! Welcome to the World-Class School

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Either they don't use internet at all or just end up in the middel of some where very remoted. Hard to believe you cannot located someone with today's technology.



Hi Simen

What a surprise to find this today! Hope you remember four of us sitting together in the class, me and Gigi and you and Peter from Uganda.  If you remember, respond to this message and we can continue. Thanks.

Hi All.

Its been a while. This is the first time I have come cross Royden House and I do remember the good times. I remember Shlomit and Sunita very well. Infact Sunita- you may still have a photo of mine that someone took in the boys toilet. These are amazing memories. I look forward to hearing from the students at Royden House ( 1982-1985).


Shridhar Raghavn

Hi Jason,

If you are the same ason- we went for fencing classes in 1983-84.



Wow, this is so unreal!  I googled "Mrs. Vaughan from Ireland who used to teach at Royden House School in HK", and I ran into this site, found your message about Ameeta Aswani, Lisa and Rosa!  I've been trying to look for Ameeta, I used to call myself Lisa in those years and hung out with Rosa a lot!  I went to RHS in 1977-1980, I started in Form 5 (i think).  I'd love to get in touch with Ameeta, or Rosa - I also remember Giselle, and have a picture of us in white and red checkered uniform!  Was there a Simon in our class?  I vaguely remember him with glasses..

Hey Lisa - I remember you!!  I have a lot of random memories of RH and one of them is that your brother put chewing-gum in your hair so that it had to get cut short.   And yes, there was a Simon with glasses in our class.

THat is so random!  I remember that I had a very short haircut which I was upset about, but I didn't have any memory why I had such a short haircut.  Now it's all coming back to me!!!  And it's really funny!  Who are you, btw?  Please write back.

Lisa, it's Giselle. I'm the one who posted about the gum in your hair incident. You can email me at


Ms. Strange was an awesome teacher at the Caine Road Royden House during the 90s.

I think she was the only one that stayed back when Royden House tranistioned into Sear Rogers.

I know you, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Kraftwerk, red shirt black tie.

I remember Yabo but don't know about her, those white boys treated her real bad!

Could that be Sookyung lee and Mikyung lee, maybe?

Any information about Albert and Bernard Ling back in 1985?

wow I was just put onto this blog and reading through some of the post and came across this. How are ou Ian, I remember you well, and I also remember the hockey final against KGV in which we won!


Hi Fiona, I just read your post and thought I would say g'day. It's been a longt time. Chris Reis

Marian, just read your post on the RHS blog site. How are you.

Chris Reis

Hi Chris! How are you and your family?  Are you still living in Canberra?  All of our family are well thanks.  Jr keeps in touch with your brother Ron but haven't heard anything lately.  Have not heard from Fiona at all and not sure if she still lives in HK or has gone home to Uk. Keep in touch






Anyone from the year 1969 till 1973? We were at McDonald Road first then we moved Kennedy Rd then to Sing Woo Road...Looking for Elaine Souza, Gisela Souza, Francis Marcel?

Hi friends, i wz there in 1992-1994 i still remember Miss. Sun liked Hindi Movies very much....

Hong Kong has changed very much i it ws the best part of my childhood...

Missss Royden House very much...


Hey Chris, wow, memories :)  I haven't checked in here in a while.  So you've become an Ozzie have you!  I'm still in Hong Kong, yup unbelievable! 

How is Michael Vas, any contact with him?  I used to have such a crush on him LOL the heck are such a long time (whispers about 36 years!!!)  How's Mario?  Where are you guys?  I'm still in Hong Kong!

Just found this post.....I haven't been back to this site for ages, sorry I missed this. 

There seem to be several threads...what we guys should do it hop onto the RH facebook site and become members to share more easily!!



Hi Marian, are you on Facebook?



Hi Fiona! OMG finally.  And how have you been and what are you up to??  Yes whole family living here in Oz and everyone is fine. Are you in facebook?? Pls do keep in touch


Hi Chris! Yes I'm on facebook!! Become my friend and we'll be able to keep in touch.


hahahhahah yes, here I am at last!!!

On facebook under :)

I also remember them...  I left HK in 1978 to US.

I have been trying to find my old friends from HK way back in 1970~1978.  I left HK in 1978 to USA.  Here are some of the names I remember, Martin Chen, Danny Law, York (family own Jewelry Store), Thomas, Sookyung & Meikyung Lee, Kwangwook Lee, ... can't remember all the names. 

Hope to find my friends...

Hi Fiona and Chris!

Unable to locate either on facebook. Can you pls email me instead?

Looking forward to hearing from you thanks Marian

Abigail allen seems familiar to me too.

I started in Kindergarden in 89 or 90, got accelerated from prep(don't know if this is kinder2) to p1, left in p4 around 94 i think.

Any1 still got their year book?  Look me up: Estelito Luigi Paz (Filipino)

Hi Khate,

I really hope you see this reply because I stumbled upon your post and it's quite a surprise. It's me Joresah by the way but I go by my nickname now (Jorette). Find me on facebook, the other people you're trying to look for are my contacts there. It's Jorette Jose, hope you add me and hope you see this reply.

Hi Yall~ korean and HK movies reminds me of the days where i spent my youth in RHS. any one here in my class with MRS LIM, MRS ISABEL (P3-P5)  ?

my class mates were sham, derrick, carlos. hehe


oh and this link does not work

I attended Royden House from '73-'82. I m looking for my classmate Ivy Sims. Does anyone know where she is now? Thanks.

I am looking for a friend that went to Royden House from 73 - 76, his name is Albert Tse and lived in Hong Kong.  If you know where/how to get hold of him, please send me an email @  My name is Samson Loo, currently residing in Arizona, USA.  

Thank you for you time!

Samson Loo

This is my first posting, I was there 73 and 74, do remember Mr. Behan and Mrs Rudge ( mouth-wash ). did you use to hangout with a korean girl, last name is Lee? i don't remember her name, somehow the name Fiona sounds familiar, not sure if you are the same one that i remember. I am looking for class mates from 73-74.

are you the one that we studied Taekwon-do together back in the 70s, this is Kenny chan, remember me? i went to RHS in 1973-74. remembe Peter Lee's sister? she went there as well.

Are you Kenny Chan, nicknamed by our Tae Kwon Do mates as Wong Fei Hung?If so, find you alas. I'm William (nicknamed by you guys Sai Woo).  Send me an email ( for futher exchange.  By the way, I know Mr. Behan had been in HK all these years but I never contacted him. 

Hey Samson, this is your RHS classmate William Chan.  I just sent you an email for further exchange.  Wow, thanks Gwulo for uniting us old friends.

Yeah! Yeah! It's me, Sai Woo.  Please email me ( for further contact exchange. We all miss you as I'm saying this also for and on behalf of Bun Nga Lo (Raymond Chan), our TKD mate. He renamed himself Emerson many years ago.

Tae Kwan Do with curly funny hair~~~~How are you guys doing?? William Chan/ Lived in Mei Foo Sun Tsuen???

Yes, It's me, i did not have a chance to check this site until now, too bad, I was in HK from April 5 to May 4 this year. i will send you an email and we can all get together when i go there next. so excited to find my old friends ! my email is

hi janet, this is shafaq if u recognise me... i think ur brother was also in the same class.. aarti agarwal was also there i think... if u r the same janet pls reply....

Anyone who studied P.1-2 in Royden House in Kennedy Road during 1969-71?

Do anyone knows Miwa Toku? (1987 to 1992)

Hi. Does anyone remember me? I was there from 79~81. Then, I changed school and moved to the USA, studying mostly in Portland and Los Angeles. It was my first English school experience that I can't never forget. My favorite teachers were Mrs. Supermania, Mrs Bonn and Mr. Lam who used to call me "KingKong Bea".(LOL) I remember JaJa and Narueta?(his cute sister) and Vichaphan and a couple of hard working students from the Philippines. Now, I am so sure they are all married with children :)(but not me LOL). I have worked and lived in Europe until very recently and am kinda retiring in Seoul, Korea after so many years of adventures in life. If anyone wants to share memories, please connect to

I attended Royden House from 1961 to 1963.  As I remember it, it was situated on MacDonnell Road, just across the street from the Botanical garden.  If you made it as far (back then) as "Transition" (name of a grade), you could cross the street at recess time and go to their much larger playground.  I remember fondly Mrs. Rudge, as well as Mrs Chung (who drove a Jaguar as I remember it and lived on the Peak).  Looking for Jodi Manseta if anyone remembers her.  My email address is  I now live just outside Washington D.C.  Left Royden House in 1963 when we left Hong Kong and returned in 1965 when I attended KG5 in Kowloon.

hi everyone, i studied in 1984-1985-1986. does anyone remember the year book royden school had? the first two year books were yellow..beige cover while the one in standard 6 had black cover with golden letters in chinese.if any one can scan these yearbooks and put the pics on this forum it would be a great help. i lost mine so therefore i am asking a favour.i was with rahul pradhan, ravi kripalani, kishan (the fat sindhi kid) , tracy weerasinha was always with me in the school van and also in class.and yes you guessed,he always topped his class.not to mention jay tawidjaja,yau wai chun. jay you used to be good at drawing robots,yes???. also phillip ting, ____ ishi ayako the japanese girl??.

yep thats me...she made me sit on a chair in the middle of the schools inner yard (the collage) and wrote on a small black board behind me what i said (fuck) then she washed out my mouth with soap and water...then i had to brush clean the college from the outside.

shes mrs always was...gr8 teacher (mine too) khaled from egypt.

khaled from egypt (was with you these yrs) 65-72, 71 in transition 1 (after primary 6)