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Royden House Junior and Senior School [????-????]

Royden House Junior and Senior School
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Ha! Welcome to the World-Class School

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 How are you? I'm your ex mates. But I will let you think who I am.

  I heard you are still single and available. Is it true...

  Let me hear from you.Tc

I remember her name very clearly, and as you so rightfully pointed out "she was the hottest teacher anyone could ever have" 

I remember she used to be married to a Gwailo guy and she used to be dirty... 

her name is Mrs. Barretta

IT's Sears Roger's now, no more Royden house !

Ms. Gill was Mr. Gill's daughter.

Interesting reading in all the above comments regarding RHS.

I agree with all above comments and would like to add that I am also a product of such school. I was registered as student but couldn't motivate myself enough to actually attend anything (classes).

Actually, if you never attend classes, your student-visa will be terminated, but good old Mrs. Rudge gladly took care the problem if you come up with your school fees.


I was born in Indonesia now resident in Apeldoorn – The Netherlands. I miss out a lot on old buddies / class mates whose addresses and telephone numbers I have lost. I am appealing to all past students RHS Macdonnell Rd (1968-1970):


Frankey Lau (Chinese), Thomas Tso (Chinese), Larry Tsu (Burmese), Sajjad Ali Khan (Pakistan), Antero Kho (Philipino), Harris Kim (Korean), Alamgir (Pakistan), Theresa Chan (Vietnamese), Annabelle Salleh (Malaysian), Albert (Thai), Michael Tedja (Indonesian), Midori (Japanese), Edith (Indonesian), Etc, etc …


Folks If you are out there contact me and let’s reconnect and keep in touch ! They called me ROY back then!





Are you Larry Lau from Singapore?

I was there a little after you, starting in '72 or '73, but I remember the old building that was used as the school. Seems like it was a large, old apartment building with a lot of charm and character, but that could be my childish memory of it. Does anyone know what happened to the building? Also, I would love it if anyone had photos of it.

Hey Guys, Jason is still alive and well.  Hehehehehe...

Hi There,

My name is Syed Khurram Nadeem.

I think in remember you. Is there any students in your class by the name of Sohail Munshi ( He is from Pakistan) and another guy named Gul ( Also from Pakistan)

I was on F4 and these guys are in F5 in 1983


Hi anyone who was my classmate during the years 1973 -1976 at Sing Wo Crescent?  To help recall, the teachers were Mr.Behan, Mr. Lai, Mr. Tam, Mrs. Gill. Anyone who has contact with Richard Fernandez, Albert Tse, Evan Chan, Robert Li (or Lee, an Indonesian), Lai Han, Fred Leung, Samson Loo, who were classmates during those years.  Hope for a reunion with them.

I'm William, joined RHS in 1973 and finished F5 in 1976. I guess you're Evan Chan. Group of buddies at that time were Robert Li or Lee (Indonesian), Samson Loo whom we used to go to his residence in Causeway Bay after school. Samson later migrated to Phoenix, Arizona. Remember our group went for BBQ at a reservoir park in Kowloon in the summer after graduated from F5 that year and took some pictures. Unfortunately, I lost those pictures some years ago but they are still fresh in my memory. Also there was Fred Leung. I met him some 20 years ago at the Meridian Hotel in Tsimshatsui East where he was working there then but lost contact with him after sometimes. If you're the Evan I guessed, pls reply.

Is anyone still stay HK. I'm back HK again. please contact me!

old Royden House Junior School address was
110-118 Caine Road, Mid-levels, Hong Kong

I passed by 3 years ago and the Sears Rogers School plate was still up
 although construction workers were rehauling (to convert to something else),
am very glad I caught the last glimpse of childhood memories
 before they tore the place down (which probably is now).

please let me know how to write 'Royden House' in Chinese
 for I want to use it for my BLog logo, Thanks !
- korea2 at

Yes I remember Jacky I think.

I remember Ameeeta and Tomoya we were same class,

I think her name is Mrs.Vaughan.

She lived in a British amry base with husbund and held some kind of party at her apartment with some students in her class.


Are you the tall William Chan ? I think I remember you. My other friends are mostly Korean. There were brothers by the name Ryee Wan Kyu and Ryee Young Kyu, the son a of Korean Consulate General.

Are you the skinny tall Michael Kim that I know ? You went to USA after Royden House and attended Pasadena City College perhaps ?

My other friends are mostly Korean. There were brothers by the name Ryee Wan Kyu and Ryee Young Kyu, the son a of Korean Consulate General.

Seems like I was two years above you. I was F3 in 1973 and completed F5 in 1976.  I was just an average height boy at that time, nobody called me tall.  There were quite a few Koreans where there looks are still in my memory but can't remember their names and family background except two. Park In Bik who was my classmate but lost contact with each other after awhile when we left RHS. The other Korean by the name Kim ? ?, quite tall.  He was one year below me but his girlfriend Susan (Portuguese) was my classmate. Kim's father was a renown Tae Kwon Do master in H.K. at that time.  Do these two Koreans rings in you?  By the way, can't remember if I knew you but have a vague impression of the name Achaa.  Cheers!

Hi William, yes Kim is his last name. His father was a reknown Tae Kwon Do master. He was skinny with slender legs and can kick very high, and I do met him again in 1979 at Pasadena City College. How about Danny Hui, Bosco Wong do yo know them ?

I do not know the two Koreans you mentioned.


Omg,,  i've been trying to find u for ages girl,,, and this is the only content on the web that has anything to do with you ,And the post was made on 2007 -_-

Miss u so much btw lol

Old friends are so hard to find .....

"I remember Ameeeta and Tomoya we were same class, I think her name is Mrs.Vaughan. She lived in a British amry base with husbund and held some kind of party at her apartment with some students in her class."

Is that Ameeta Aswani? Her father worked for Air India and she moved to HK from Japan? I remember her well. Also, remember Tomoya, the Japanese boy who liked to draw. Remember the Korean girls Lisa and Rosa?

Hi, Sisman

How are you.  I remenber you very well.  We used party at my place, Bosco Wong's and George Young's.  We also practiced Tae Kwon Do together at YMCA at Kowloon every Wednesdays and Saturdays.

hi everyone!this is yong wi kim. class of 71---75. living in millcreek washington.cell425-248-7761. i remeber this mexican girl who gave a big birthday party with candy bag for everyone and the whole class went to the park to celebrate!!! also one american guy joe who always gave away lots of coins. we loved him.then there was timothy,chinese guy who was in to kong fu. i also remember scott the korean guy.anyways give me a call everyone just to say hi.

Hi, who are you, please identify yourself - you do know them alright:

George Young, Bosco Wong, Ryee Young Kyu, Ryee Wan Kyu and yes yes yes we practised Tae Kwon Do at YMCA Kowloon :)

Write to my email address:

Janet Kim was in my class. She got an elder sister and a younger brother. We use to go home together as we live in the same neighbourhood.  I was in Royden House from 73-77.  I remember Albert Yum,  Tommy Fung, Bonnie (a guy), Mrs. Benson(we went to her home once), Mr Behan. I don't really recall you.  Give me more info.

Hi Joyce, I don't recall knowing you, but my year @RHS was from 1973 thru 1978. Do you recall knowing a Korean girl by the name Angela Park ?

Sisman, I know a few Korean girls but can't remember the names, if I see your photo I might reconize.  I think one girl call Sook Lee.  I was in form 2 in 1973 in macdonnel Road. There use to be a YWCA opposite our school and we like to go to the canteen there for lunch.  I also remember going to the botanticle garden that is near by. We move to Happy Valley in 1974-77. We might be in the same class ? Do you know Joan Cheng, Henry Marcal, Judy Leung, Helen Lee(also Korean) ?

Here is a link of my photos. Send me one of your photo and I might recall.



Hi Joice, in 1973 I was in form I @ Macdonnell rd, everything you described is correct, then we moved to Happy Valley. Do you have a facebook account ? find me as Sisman Aluwi, I have a few pictures of those years in HK.

I also upload some photos in the Royden House facebook site yesterday. Including a photo of Mrs. Rudge.!/group.php?gid=5688623279&ref=ts

I'll go and add you in my face book.

And I was thinking that I'd never find you again, my dear old Tae Kwon Do friend. Tell me a bit about yourself, of late. I'm living in HKG.

Antero (On-Lok) - I have been been trying to locate you since 1993 - plz write to me at - I miss you so much and pray for you each and every night.

I moved to Upstate NY from Florida - so MUCH to tell you and mostly want you to know I love you with all my heart STILL.

OMG, is it really Sisman?   I don't know if you remember me, this is Anna Maria, same class with you, Bosco Wang, George Young, David Javier, the Botelhos' brothers, etc.  How are you doing?  Do you remember our math teacher, Mr. Wong always call George "toothless" because he has braces.

Hello Joyce,  how are you doing?  I don't know if you remember me, this is Anna Maria Da Roza, I think I was a grade lower than you.  I was in the same grade as the Botelhos.  I do remember Tommy, Peter (the tall shanghainese boy), David Leung, (his brother Paul Leung).

I am now living in Los Angeles.  Married with two kids, son 20 and daughter 17.  You can find me in Facebook.  Anne Da Roza  email add. Hope to year from you soon.  Anna

I know Danny Hui, the fat boy and Bosco Wong (Wang) we were in the same class.  This is Anna Maria Da Roza, I don't know if you remember me though, but I know Bosco and Danny pretty well, After we graduated, I know they both went to England to study.  I met with Bosco when he went back to Hong Kong and was the PR manager at California in Lan Kwai Fong, that was back in 1984-5.  Danny at that time was a car salesman. I wonder how they are doing?

Do you know David Javier?  He is now in San Francisco I talk to him alot.  Oh, and I am in Los Angeles.  Look me up in Facebook.  Anna

I am looking for Roy and David, both from Indonesia and Nitin from India.

Please contact me - looking forward to find out who you are....

Oh my God! At last after waited for sometimes, an old friend responded from this site, Richard Fernandes, HOORAY!!  Hey Rich, send me an email so as to exchange further contact. I've moved back to H.K. after having lived in Bangkok and New York for some years.  My email address:

Wow, thank you to 'Gwulo'.

hi, tell me more about your self , i was aslo in that school



Where are you Bosco, Geroge, Sisiman, Danny, Kim ?

Hello there, who are you ?

this is Sisman.

contact me at

Hi Anna,

I know you very well.  you used date a guy named tony (big nose guy) @RHS during 1973 thru 1974.


Who is this?  I do know Tony Pereira, but I never dated Tony Pereira ( big nose).


If you are looking for us, please reveal your name.


kindly let me know if you ever came across anyone at all attending RHS between 1969 to 1972.

Thank you very much

best regards

michael tedja



I'm looking for someone who was in Royden House school  in Macdonnell road in 1966, I attended just  first class. bye

Does anyone remember the Nigerian girl, Yabo? She wasn't there for very long.

Thanks Google-Royden House School. Those all of you posted in this site, great memories of our childhood. It is amazing that so many of you remember somuch. We did not have computers, email and I Phones in our time. (I see my kids facebook filled with friends and photos.)

Anyone in Form 2,3,4  78-79-80?

I was new in Hong Kong made lots of friends. Mr. Gill was math teacher also taught Science. I remember Sohail from Pakistan, Angel, Kevin from Philipines,

Amita and her older brother.  I also took Taek Won Do at Kowloon YMCA by the Penninsula Hotel.