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Hello Mary Ann, Musta na? Been a while...How's things on that side of the world? Not much is happening here, except the economy. Hope everything is good w/you and family. Later.... Ron B.

hi I was wondering which year was this taken? this picture just give me the creeps. I remember our stuffy classrooms but somewhat I remember the friends I have created during my time being a Roydenite. I was in batch 1989-1995 so if this picture was taken in those years I might just be one of the girls behind:>hihi

Hi Ronald, It's been a while since I've been back to this webpage and glad to see that you're doing well. Email me naman, ok? Here is my email address, it would be easier kasi, eh... Chat later, Mary Ann Mamaril-Sparrow

Kishin invited you to "Reunion 2009" on Saturday, August 8 at 7:00am. Event: Reunion 2009 What: Reunion Host: 4Ever Royden (RHS) Start Time: Saturday, August 8 at 7:00am End Time: Sunday, August 16 at 10:00am Where: Hong Kong To see more details and RSVP, follow the link below: Thanks, The Facebook Team ___ Want to control which emails you receive from Facebook? Go to:

I think her name is Mrs Vaughan. She taught me english, french and poetry.

The Irish teacher is Mrs Vaughan,she was a very good teacher.

Marlene, I am not sure if you can remember me, I sat next to you in form 4 or 5? Did you go to Sara Beattie College after you finished form 5 at Royden House? It's such a long time ago, if I am remembering the right person I think you told me you were born in Jamaica. Anyway this is the first time I logged onto this site. I can remember some names and faces on this site, is amazing!

I recognize the class. Hello my name is Neil Francisco. I maybe your ex-classmate. I recognized the small guy smiling,too.I believe his name is Dennis Lim. I think he owns a furniture shop in Hong Kong. Have fun! :)

Mr. Gill's Chemistry Class memorable quote-- "A choking pungent smell!" Neil Francisco

Hey guys, Just to let you know that I am so happy to announce that I have found Santanee Thumrongchote - or, shall I say, her hubby found me on Batgung!!! Santanee and I just spoke over the telephone this evening and she is hoping to get back in touch with other people in her class too, whom she lost contact for a while. She's still in Geneva and hoping to get in touch with "Louisa" - whom I believe is this beautiful long haired (taiwanese-if I am not incorrect) young lady whose brother was in my class. Then, there is "Angela", Filipino, whose big brother is named "Leo". Anyone with any news, would highly appreciate if you can share your information. Me: Mary Ann Mamaril-Sparrow : Thanks.

Hi there, if I remember correctly, did I sit beside Louisa, long-haired girl who sounded very British? If you are, I would love to get in touch with you. If not, let me know who you are anyhow. Yes, it was such a long time ago. I have been keeping in touch with Fred recently who was also in our class. I wonder if anyone knows where Tammy and Kathy Ohn, and Gigi Myint are, and also Sarina, who were also in our class.

Yes Neil, the small guy is Dennis, I think he is Chinese, I still have some school photos in the archive, when I have a moment I will try to post them on the net. Can you remember Albert the very tall Chinese guy in our class?

How are you? I am glad you still remember my name, Sahara was also in our class, I lost touch with her. Unfortunately internet weren't available to everyone in our days. Accept for Fred do you still get in touch with anyone at Royden? It was a nice little surprise to find you here.

Hi, I have been at RH during 1987 to 1991. had passed out of Form 5 in 1991. I vaguely remember your name. and if i am right in guessing who you are, i think that your sister was also with us in the same class. We use to have one filipino as our class teacher, think in Form 4 or 5. Mrs Balu used to be there - dont remember what she used to teach. Others whom i remember in my class are Honey, Renuka, Madhavi, Indu, Amar, Sharif, Manisha. I still have some photographs which all us had taken during our field trips to Lantau and Cheung Chau islands. get in touch with if both of us are classmates.

Hi, I have been at RH between 1987 and 1991. I finished Form 5 in 1991, I remember Mr.Gill, Mrs Strange. There were some other teachers whom i remember are Mrs. Balu, Mrs Geeta, Mr.Mobsy. It wud be fun to catchup with someone whos been there around the same time.

Hey Ronaldo....sorry for the late reply. So glad to see you...i am in touch with Fred and Harry. i still remember you cracking jokes right behind me and it was really fun.....those were the days man. where are you now? pls email me or add my email to MSN. Married two kids living in HK and spent 50% time working in Mongolia cheer Dennis Lim

Are you Fiona Alexander? If I am not wrong?

Yes, that would be me :)

We are in the same class. I graduated in 75. I remember that year we won the field hockey against KG V. Mrs Rudge has never gave us the trophies which should be ours as some students didn't pay the school fees. I still remeber some of our class mates like Christopher Reis, Mario, Edy Maher, and Kim Brown. You have any contacts with any of the alumni?

Yes we were!  I remember the hockey win - and that you boys taught the girls how to play.  We didn't have much success, but we did have a lot of fun.  The girls won only one game as I recall.  Yes, I remember all those names but haven't had any contact since leaving school.  I don't know what became of Christopher, Mike, Mario, Mario & Maria, Kim.  But Eddie is/was in the movies here.

hi Ian are you still manufacturing Tooth brushes?

sadaf.....where r u...r y still in islamabad....trying to get a hold of u...pls send me an email at thanks

Are you Tyron's brother?

cant believe this, great....keep it up....any reunions for our school???

Hi Sadia, I've just came across this site and saw your message. What a surprise!

Hi There ,

I think you are in my class. Its been a very long time since i walked away from my school in June of 1983.

I am in now in Toronto, Canada living here for lat 8 years.

I study in Royden house in F4 and F5 then i left for my country Pakistan and never come back.

In my class we have many nationality students , I remember the names of some one they are Vicky (India), Anil (India), Anil 2 (India), Praveen (India) and there are some girls there whose names are Shella (Pakistan), Jyoti (India), Aarti (India).

I forgot many names since its been a long time.

If any one students from the class of 1983 Form 5 read this they should contact me on my email address.

Hopefully some one from this class contact me



Hay Zahid ,

I beleive so that i know.

I passed out the Form 5 in 1983. And i am sure that you are from Pakistan some where near Tarbela.

You like to do the Urdu Poetry, and once i gave you the first two lines of the poertry and you had written the full Ghazal.

I am sure that you are that Zahid who was doing the Night job for paying the school fee in Kowloon . Am i right Zahid?

Are you still living in Hong Kong update me

I am in Toronto, Canada for last 8 years

you can reach me on my email address

hope fully you are the one whom i am looking for

Cheers !!!!

I passed the Form 5 in 1985

Hi Soma,

Are you the sister of my friend Praveen Kandru. we passed out the F5 in 1985


"In my class we have many nationality students , I remember the names of some one they are Vicky (India) "

Syed - Is that Vicky Kaku, the Indian boy who transferred to Island School?



I lost your email address...:(

Sorry. Email mo ko ulit. Been busy kasi with Christmas, New Year and now CNY.

Kung Hei Fat Choy btw.

 Mary Ann

It hasn't really been knocked's been converted into a restaurant and shopping arcade.

Nawaz, were you in RHS 1983-1986. We were with Maryann, Ahrana, Riffat, Ahrana etc

Hi, I lived in Hong Kong in 1982-1985. I went to Sear Rogers int. school in Kowloon in 1983-84. I went together with Tammy and kathy Ohn, and Gigi Myint in 1984. Gigi Myint was my girlfriend and I know that she is married and live in Los angeles, California now. I belive that Tammy and Kathy moved to Australia, but I dont know where in Australia. I left Hong Kong in the last day of june 1985 and I have not been back since then. I live now in Oslo, Norway.

abigail allen..the name's sounds very familiar..

i remembered i got a friend named abigail back in hongkong..

im a malaysian and i really wanna find my classmates again..

i only found helen grace in friendster..

if im ur classmates,please email me



hi sarah...

i remember you....phillip was my classmate..

wowww..hope you remember me..hahaha..

i was studying in royden house with my brother,husni sabirin..

he was your classmate..

please email me :


Hi Simen, I remember you.  I was friends with Tammy, Kathy and Gigi - they all left my class in RHS and went to Sear Rogers.  I think we all got together a couple of times for parties and at the Underground/DD.  I would love to get in touch with Gigi - do you have her contact details?  Do you know whatever happened to Gwen Chadwick who was also in your class?  I now live in the UK.



Are you Marlene Lowe?  I have just read your post that you are living in the UK, me too.  Which part of UK.  I hope to hear from you.

Hi Louisa, yes, I'm living in Crowborough, East Sussex.  Whereabouts are you?  

Come join the new RHJSS alumni and lets all catch up!


Hi Marlene, I live in Poole, Dorset.


Would you both please send me a message at so I may get in touch with you.

Simen - I would like to get in touch with Gigi.  If you could let me have her contact details it would be much appreciated.

Louisa - I will be near Poole where my in-laws live over the Easter holiday.  Would you like to meet up?


Hi there Fiona,

Not sure if you remember me. But I'm pretty sure you remember my brother Mario and I'm Marian. We have been in Australia for over thirty years. Gosh it's been a long time. Hope to hear from you and anyone out there there who were in the same year as Fiona!!

Gosh.. i can't believe i found diz site.. lolzzz

So glad..

who created diz site???

Jay, Auggie, Wilson??

Who else are here??


Hey there Fiona! Are you still in HK or in England? Anyone know the whereabouts of Fiona or anyone else who was there with her please answer. It would be great to be kept up to date. By accident came across this forum. My brother and I are living in Australia and have been for more than 30 years. The Reis family (Chris) also live in Australia. Last I heard Angela and family are in the US and also Helen and her husband Wayne were in Van Nuys, Calif. Have no more news as her mum has passed away many years ago and use to keep in touch with us. Don't know anything about Michael Vas. Eddie I know is still in HK (in hiding I think). I was in Hk in 2006 and never saw him once. My cousin has no contact no. for him unfortunately unless he comes across this by accident too.

Hi Marlene,

I have tried to mail you on your e-mail adress but it failed, I don't know why. Maybe you can mail me on my, it is:

Best Regards


r u the one who lived in Macdonnell Rd with your auntie?

same class with Patrick Lai, Paul Leon, Barbara Young, Chang .......?

Are you talking about the vicky , her is fat and tall guy form India.

 I am not sure about that he transfered to Island School

Just wanna share my experience....I've only studied in Royden for a year around 92-93 primary 5 and it was memorable...I've lost contact with almost everyone except another kid in my class who turned out to be my best friend ...and still is....but thats not what I'm writing about....

3 years ago I kinda bumped into someone...she was in my class and I was thrilled coz it's not everyday this kind of things happen....anyway we did some catching up which is weird coz we've never exchanged words or a single conversation back then as far as my recollection goes although being in the same class...she was the quiet observant make things short....3 years later we're now living together and we're both happy and planning to tie the knot some time next year....thank you for royden house

Yeahhhhhh, I know all those people you mentioned: Patrick Lai, Paul Leon, Barbara Young. How about George Young, Gorbajh Chima, Ryee Wang Kyu, Ryee Young Kyu - the son of a Korean Consulate General. Who R U, pls identify...