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Royden House Junior and Senior School [????-????]

Royden House Junior and Senior School
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Looking for anyone who knows Kwee Su Fong, Kurnia Hasan, Rochelle Arayata, or Sheila Bantung. Not really sure why just curious of what happened to them, oh yah my sister is Ellen Li.

I'm currently in Hawaii, if you're in town and a roydenite, hit me up but give me advance warning.

Oh yah I never got my mouth washed out with carbolic soap, but I had my cheeks nearly pinched off by Mrs Rudge. Who else faked their parent's signature on their homework diary?

Hey guys!! I was in RHS from kindagarten in 1978/1979 right through to form 5 in June 1992. Left Hong Kong after that. Haven't been back since. But I remember walking out of that school for the last time. Yes, I remember Mrs Rudge and the famous (or infamous) mouthwash. I remember once she did on a guy names Kishan in front of nearly the whole school. I remember everyone cheering because this guy was a bad dude back then. After the mouthwash, Mrs Rudge then said that Kishan took his punishment like a man. He sat there. No expression on his face. I remember Mrs Strange and her loud voice. And then there was Mr Gill. There's quite a bit of history between Mr Gill and me back in 1989 & 1990. It's one that neither he nor I will ever forget. I got the last laugh in the end.

Hey Ricky Your name sounds familiar. So does Rochelle Arayata & Sheila Bantung. What year did you leave RHS. I know for sure that you weren't in my class. Do you remember me?

Mrs Gill was Mr Gill's daughter. He brought her from his town in India to HK so she'd work and make money. That's all Mr Gill cared about.

Im actually looking for old friends from RHIS, like Joresah jose, Timmy policarpio, Paolo Reyes, Abigail Chan, Leslie Amisola, Irish Mcginnis and many others specially those who were in the choir for 1991-1995...

I think Denis Lim is still in HK. He left RHS form2 or 3 I believe. Do you know Julie, Irene Britto? were you in Julie's class or with Tomoya?

What year were you in 77-78? Maybe I may have some contacts.

There are some ex-student gathering in HK, what year were you in RHS. Any names from your class?

Denis Lim, Julie Britto, Tomoya few more ex-RHS are in HK, send me an email of your contact and I'll put you in contact.

Fred, it's me Marlene - lost your email address a while back, been trying to get in touch - how have you been? (Not sure how this works - hoping you'll see this message)

Hi there, If who still remember me please sent me email at O by the way I already forgot the years when I was in Royden House ^v^. Dennis if you still remember Lin Khin Wan I got his email & phone. Keep in touch........

Hi Marlene!!! Wow! Thought you fell of the face of the earth. Send me an email at so we can pick where we left off and catch up on things. Hope to hear from you soon.

Yup...Denis Lim, Harry Prabowo, Farook (wrong spelling I'm sure) I think and our little Korean friend with a Beatles haircut. So yeah...i guess we were all in the same class...who are you? Contact me at

Last time I saw Denis was back in the early 90s along with Tomoya, Julie Brito, Lambert and a few others....haven't seen them since...they all seem to just disappear after a while, busy with life I imagine. Denis is married last I heard. Used to drive around town like some hell's angel on his little motorbike.

Oh...and at the time Tomoya was dating a ballerina from New Zealand. He still looked the same, only taller still. HAHA! Hmmm...who else...can't think of anyone else right now. Of course there was Julie Britto but I'm sure she would post stuff herself if she wanted to share.

Hello Sadaf, I spent my two years in Royden House in 1984.At that time we have had a good time with Mr.Gill,Mr.Booth,Mr.Fernendes (whom i sought part time tuition for commerce lessons and i really miss him so much as well as my girl friend whom I cannot trace on the web.Hope we may chat online best regards zaidy

1984 I was in Form 4 in Royden House.You may reach me at I remember some studens in my class.I am still in Hong Kong. Best regards Zaidy

Two more photos with Dennis, was he naughty or what!?

HAHA! I wonder what was going through Harry's mind at that moment.

dearrrr old friend.... yes...I'm married with a 4YO Rachel and anothe boy to come in OCT... how's life everyone??? my contact is 94608735 if you wish to call me.....I'm in touch with Harry Prabowo in Jakarta. We both left after F.3 to another school.... Stay in touch... Dennis Lim

Dennis! I figured you must be alive because I saw your photo with your lovely wife (assuming it was your wife, gulp!) in the BC Magazine a couple of years back. Have you traded in your motorbike or still driving it around like a madman?

Anyway, give you a bell soon.

Congrats on the kids!

First photo is Lily (now known as Lilianna) and Canna probably debating the fashion merits of the school uniform.

Can't be sure who this is as photo is not clear and by now memory is fading but I believe it is Julie (or is it Sarina?)...probably about to chase down Dennis.

This photo was taken during a oh-so-rare field trip to Ocean Park. Unfortunately with time the negatives got all yucky so photo is not clear but we can still recognize Harry in the middle. Can't remember the names of the other two fellows though...anyone?

Now who was this pretty young thing?

Last but not least one of our teachers, I forget her name but she had to be the hottest teacher we had at the time.

O Fred, you do keep lots of old photos, by the way where is Harry? Is he still in Hong Kong?

Not that many, those were the only ones except for 2 more which I haven't posted. Harry is in Indonesia I believe, at least he was last I heard. Dennis would know where he is. I wonder where Ronald Balancio is....didn't he become a lawyer or something like that in the Philippines?

Harry is in Indonesia....I have given him the link to look at pics and reply. Fred, Sold my bike 9 years ago man.... How are you? gimme a call soon.... Man,, the pics are so old....I mean young....I look more or less the same now...haha... No news on Ronaldo, I met Ms Pannu on a CX flight many many years ago...she was a flight attendant at that time and bump into Canna a few times too. (CX too) What's new? Dennis Lim

Fred are you the "Frederick Laurenceau" ? Yes I'm in Jakarta.. Ronald I believe is in California but I lost his contacts I can't believe you still keep all those pictures !! Are you still in Hong Kong? Harry

This is the last photo I have from the Royden House days. Hope you've all enjoyed them.

Harry! Its been a long time, you are a hard man to track down! I tried to find you a long time ago while I was living in Jakarta but no luck. Send me an email at so we can catch up.

Harry, My name is Martine. I used to be in the same class as Olivia (F1 & F2 between 82 and 84). I would like to get in touch with your sis and would appreciate any assistance. Used to hang out with Chung Suet Yin (Stephanie), Olivia and Denny. If you get this message please advise. Thanks.

Hey Ricky.... wow, i just came acroos this thing when i typed RHIS in goohle to do a search.... and oh my i read your post.. hey how are you? don't know if you remember me...but i was with Mae and Cheryll... and was friends with Ellen... hey how are you guys? how's ellen..???? Do you have Friendster at all... coz Rochelle and Sheila are bothe in Friendster if you'd want to keep intouch with them... by any chances do you have any contact with Mrs. Strange? Say hi to Ellen for me okay....

Sorry your name doesn't ring a bell. I left RHS in the early 90s, I believe 93 or 94.

Hi shermilla, Of course I remember you, didn't you have a tooth pick stuck in your foot at one time? Anyway, email me at rickyli99(AT) convert the (AT) to @. Long story short, ellen's married and I'll give you her contact info.

Just did a google search for Sear Rogers International School to see if they had a web page and this came up ...yet when you visit the site it sends you to !! Looks like RHIS has changed hands yet again! First to Sear Rogers and now to this mickey mouse money factory (yes, RHIS was a money factory too but at least it was our money factory). They have a list of the faculty on the site and it seems that Mrs. Strange, who was the principal last time I saw her, has been replaced. Well, she is most likely well into her retirement by now anyway.

Well I didnt study till that long but I was in Royden House from 1980-1985. The only friends name that I remember is Tracy Werisinha (apologize for the spellings) and a girl called Lee Sou Jee (again apologies). I have very found memories of that period especially Mrs. Rudge and one of our teachers Miss Sun. Would really love to know where Tracy is because I mostly had a race with him in the star contests (star stickers for performance)that were on in the class. I also do recall an Indian friend by the name of Piko (thats the nickname we used). Please guys if any of you knows them please drop me his e-mail or any other contact. Imran Abbasi

Anyone keep in touch with Kamlesh Hemlani? Would be great to see the guy again.

Royden House days were the best! Was there from kindergarten till F.5!! Chatting away during classes, smoking in between classes. It was the best place to be! lol Brilliant forum guys! totally unexpected and a pleasant surprise! Mahesh, was that you a couple of posts up? The same "Hi-Jacker"?? lol

I remember Tracy Weersina and Lee sou Lee. Tracy was the very quiet type, only concentrated on his studies and never used to bother with anyone. Always was the top of the class every year.

The Infamous Mouthwash with Carbolic soap was indeed something that everyone remembers till date. I too did get my mouth washed numerous times by the fat fingers of Mrs Rudge holding that small red bucket with the soap in front of the whole school in the assembly hall. With Kishan there were quite a number of people and I do not remember Kishan being the bad one but him hanging with the bad ones, he used to get himself into trouble. I still remember the bad ones having the small book with satisfactory/unsatisfactory results at the end of every class and if you get even 1 unsatisfactory signature from the teachers, you would have to continue the book and every unsatisfactory signature from the teacher would result to you having your multiplications 2-20 - 4 times over the weekend and if you dont complete by Monday, you go back to kindergarten until your complete it. I had that so many times but yes, it was good memories. Mr Gill and I had alot of issues, me being the bad one in class always resulted to staying after school and causing havoc everytime. Having him chase me after school at the king fu bakery round and round the counter was memorable...... No doubt he is still in Hong Kong currently as a translator for the government.

Royden House were the fun last year was in 1990 (Form V) where there were people like Giovanni, Anurag, Renu, Indu, Manisha, Charito and the oh so quiet yet outstanding Tracey who was an ace in all subjects. Anyone around from that year?????? There also used to be a Kishen who was a major bully and loved to have a view under the girls' skirts..... Those were the days, crazy yet fun.

My goodness - how nice to see all the posts from ex-Roydenites. Gosh does it bring back fond memories. We have a group forming on Facebook, which is under Royden House where we can all see what the others look like now and chat. We ought to have a reunion, except lotz of us are in different parts of the world. You guys can e-mail me at Take Care. Ciao.

Hey Joy...what year were you at Royden?

Hi Ellen, of course I remember you. I sometimes see you at MSN but you are not on line for too long. Please keep in touch.

Ellen, By the way, are you in touch with Junko or Janine? I lost them for quite sometime now. By the way, if you remember Raymond and Joan, I saw them once. I think they are a couple now... Good right? Also, I saw Marvin Viado also and the other filipino guy, I forgot his name.. sorry. JANET

You are half Singaporean, right? What ever happened to Michelle (forgot her last name), she's Portuguese...

Mr. Frederick Laurenceau, your dad was a chef in some 5 star hotel back that right?

Mr. Prabowo, you are indeed a very hard person to find...didn't you attend college in Colorado (?) USA? What are you doing in Jakarta now?

Who are you and how do we contact you?

Who am I? I was the guy sitting behind contact # is 911...

Hey Janet, Are you on Friensters? A bunch of us from Royden are on it, also on Facebook. Look me up if you have time. Good to hear from you. I'm not sure I remember Joan & Raymond. No, I'm not in touch with Junko or Jannine. Are you intouch with anyone else? I have the chinese boys (Lawrence, Paul, etc) on my friendster list. Ellen

The whole class was sitting next to me...who are you??

Mr. Prabowo, wasn't your dad in the oil/shipping industry? How is he? And your mom? You have an older brother, right? How's Olivia, too? You were a VERY kind and generous person, Mr. Harry P....