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Recently added photos of old Hong Kong

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1947: Casualty of War-China Mail-05-07-1947

1947: Dangerous Days-China Mail

1920: Ying_Wah_1927.png

1910: Ying_Wah_1912-17_hpcbristol_1_unidentified.jpg

1910: Ying_Wah_1912-17_hpcbristol_2_unidentified.jpg

1935: 1930s Peak Hotel

1945: aerial photo 1945 part

1958: L.S.W. Ex Sunderland April 1958

2011: Yau Ma Tei. Gascoigne Road rushing through Yaumatei Carpark Building

2000: Aerial Base 2000

2017: Victoria Park Soccer Pitch 2017

1990: Au Trou Normand (French Restaurant)

2014: Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal 2014

1973: Au Trou Normand Restaurant sign

1973: 1973 TST Hankow rd

1963: 1963 Hankow Rd TST

1946: Hong Kong Fire Engines at the Japanese Imperial Palace

: Tai_Ping_Shan_c1895.jpg

2000: The Point from path to lighthouse.

2000: The Point From Camp Road Cutting.

2000: To Lyemun from sunbathing rocks.

2000: Siu Sai Wan from top of Leaping Dragon Walk

2000: Inlet at sunbathing rocks.

2000: Firing Range site at Little Sai Wan

: American_Board_Mission_01.png