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A look at the latest additions to Gwulo...


  • Graham Heywood's diary of his experiences as a POW in Hong Kong has valuable lessons for us today.
  • Readers are looking for any information about:
    • Tanka People of Hong Kong
    • The story behind this photo. Wayne writes: I'm standing front row - left, but have no idea what I'm doing there. Guessing this is 1954. No idea as to the event, but hoping someone might recognize themselves (or someone they know).
      party.jpg, by Wayne Carew


  • Upgrade update:
    • Forums, Jurors Lists, Organisations, and Streets, are all working on the new site. That's a major milestone, as now all the main functionality of the current site is available on the upgraded site. The first and longest phase of the upgrade is now finished.

      The second phase is to repeat the upgrade on the live site, and make it publicly available. First I'll re-run all of last year's work again from the start, and check we end up with a working site. (There's always a risk that some of my more recent changes have broken some of the earlier work.) 

      Once I can reliably upgrade the test server I'll run the upgrade on the real server, to see if there are any hiccups there. Then the last step will be to put the current site into read-only mode, and run the upgrade again to make sure the new site is right up to date with all the latest information from the current site.

      That will end the second phase and mark the start of the third phase, when I'll ask for your help to start using the new site and let me know what bugs you find. (The current site will continue to be online and available for reference, but we'll only be able to add new content and comments to the new site.)

      Looking back through my notes, I started the upgrade at the beginning of March 2021, so this first phase has taken many months of work. I'm crossing my fingers that phase two will be much shorter and take just weeks.








Spot the Star Wars poster!

1977 HKK Park Theatre Tung Lo Wan Road - bus.jpg
1977 HKK Park Theatre Tung Lo Wan Road - bus.jpg, by Alain


Sai Wan c1936
Sai Wan c1936, by Andrew Suddaby


1955 Lai Chi Kok - Chung Shan Terrace
1955 Lai Chi Kok - Chung Shan Terrace, by m20wc51


Wan Chai street scene.
Wan Chai street scene., by Ivan Croucher


1957 Foreign Correspondents Club - Former Mok Residence, “Fairview”, Conduit Road
1957 Foreign Correspondents Club - Former Mok Residence, “Fairview”, Conduit Road, by m20wc51


1957 Johnston Road
1957 Johnston Road, by m20wc51


Ice House Street
Ice House Street, by danielwettling


c.e. warren co. ltd hong kong telegraph page 8 25th june 1940
C.E. Warren & Co., Ltd., 1940, by Hong Kong Telegraph


1950s_general_post_office.jpg, by simtang


1960s Rickshaw Rank - Kowloon Star Ferry
1960s Rickshaw Rank - Kowloon Star Ferry, by daves_archive1


1966 Tai Pak Floating Restaurant - Castle Peak Bay
1966 Tai Pak Floating Restaurant - Castle Peak Bay, by TWE42


Victoria Gaol, Aug 1950.
Victoria Gaol, Aug 1950., by Wayne Carew


1923_summer_lingnan.png, by simtang


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