Yau Ma Tei Market (1st generation) [c.1880-c.1957]

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A market can be seen in this location from 1892 onwards (see 1892 Kowloon map on www.hkmaps.hk/viewer.html, and the 1896 & 1920 Kowloon maps on Gwulo), up to approx 1957 when it was replaced by a new market at 20 Kansu St (see Yau Ma Tei Market (2nd and current generation).



Photos that show this Place


The Hongkong Government Gazette from 16th July, 1879 refers:

...it is proposed by His Excellency the Administrator to establish a new market in the Village of Yau-má-ti ........

The market probably opened in 1880, it is mentioned in the 1882 Gazette. It was extended in 1884.

Believe this photo shows the market (or possibly what is left from better times).

1957 Junction of Market Street and Shanghai Street, by eternal1966e