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    • How old is this stone marker near Luk Keng:
      Stone Marker 朱藍山界
      Stone Marker 朱藍山界, by Paul Tsang


  • The 'explosion' reported at the West Point gasometer in 1934 wasn't actually an explosion.
  • Upgrade update: A slight change of plan - I've finished the core pages for Photos, Places, and People, and had originally planned to open up the new site for feedback when I got this far. I've decided it is better to get the rest of the pages (Organisations, Streets, etc.) working before I open up the new site, then I can concentrate on responding to feedback instead of trying to juggle that with finishing the other pages. I'm currently working on the 'Book / Document', and 'Page(s) from Book / Document', and then will work my way through the other page types until they are all done.
    At the same time I've put in an order to the hosting company to move us to a larger server, so it has enough space to host both the current and the upgraded websites at the same time. The Gwulo website will be offline for several hours during the middle of this week, while the hosting company makes the changes.




LizB has been busy documenting Kowloon's industrial sites. If you can add any photos, facts or memories to these places, please click through to their page and leave a comment there.

New Territories





1948 Exterior of Nan Yang cotton mills., by eatsee13


Lingnan at Fung Fai Terrace 1923-1928
Lingnan at Fung Fai Terrace 1923-1928, by simtang


Moddsey notes this may show the Peninsula Hotel getting it's wartime camouflage paintjob replaced at last:

peninsula_hotel_1950s.jpg, by danielwettling


Floating clinic
Floating clinic, by terewong


Princess Garden restaurant, 1950s
Princess Garden restaurant, 1950s, by danielwettling


Shatin Heights hotel, 1950s
Shatin Heights hotel, 1950s, by danielwettling


1951 Christmas party at Jubilee Buildings.
1951 Christmas party at Jubilee Buildings, by Ernest Robinson


1956 Junction of Hennessy and Luard Roads, by durendal1


1956 View Above Arsenal Street from China Fleet Club, by durendal1


Nathan Road - Mongkok, by durendal1


Grand Hotel in the early 60s
Grand Hotel in the early 60s, by Unknown


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