Wyler Textiles Mill, Ma Tau Kok [c.1947-????]

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The 1956 Kowloon map indicates that this was located on Kwei Chow Road, Ma Tau Kok.


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industrialhistoryhk.org is a valuable source of information, so the article Shanghai Spinners: Pioneers of Hong Kong’s industrialization, 1947-1955

It starts with T. K. Yung (Rong Zongjing), one of the richest men in China and "textile mill tycoon". During the war he moved from Shanghai to Hong Kong, where he died in 1938. After the communist take over, the Shanghai based business was split between mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong, Wu Kunsheng (with the support of one of the sons of Zongjing, Hongyuan) and other shareholders such as C. S. Loh (Liu Jusen) founded Wyler Textile Limited (伟伦纺织有限公司) and built a spinning factory in To Kwa Wan. At the same time, Y. C. Wang (Wang Yuncheng), grandson of Rong Zongjing registered with his relative H. C. Yung (Rong Hongqing) a company called Nanyang Cotton Mills Limited (南洋纱厂有限公司) and opened the first vertically integrated mill capable of spinning, weaving and dyeing in Kowloon (Ma Tau Kok Road in Hunghom,  on the seafront). 

Hong Kong Company Directory refers


Date of Incorporation: 1947-10-15

Company Status: Live