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Hong Kong island


New Territories



  • Stanley Camp internees:
    • Repatriation Notice No. 1 includes many people who'd been interned in Stanley Camp, and were about to leave Hong Kong for the UK.



Billy Tingle's Athletic Institute 1962 cup, by Warwick Ross


Boats in Staunton Creek, Aberdeen
Boats in Staunton Creek, Aberdeen, by Chris Addison


St John's Cathedral
1957 St John's Cathedral, by Chris Addison


Street view - D'Aguilar Street
Street view - D'Aguilar Street, by Chris Addison


Flower market
Flower market, by Dibsy


1970s_chatham_road_police_station.jpg, by simtang


chatham_and_fat_kwong_bridge_intersection_1971.jpg, by simtang


Framed copy of Deep Water bay photo
Framed copy of Gwulo's Deep Water Bay photo (ref: EM003), by Jonathan


RAF Sek Kong
RAF Sek Kong, by JayBee


Wessex Sek Kong Shaffi.jpg
Wessex Sek Kong Shaffi.jpg, by JayBee


Sek Kong Village aerial view
Sek Kong Village aerial view, by JayBee


Sek Kong Village bungalow, side view
Sek Kong Village bungalow, side view, by JayBee


Sek Kong Village bungalow, interior
Sek Kong Village bungalow, interior, by JayBee


wanchai_1955.jpg, by danielwettling


Johnston Road 1955 Junction with Henessy Road
Johnston Road 1955 Junction with Henessy Road, by danielwettling


Gordon camp.
Gordon camp., by tailamRE


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