Commanders Residence (was "Headquarters House"), 11 Barker Road [????- ] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Commanders Residence (was "Headquarters House"), 11 Barker Road [????- ]

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Not an easy one to get a photo of, as there's a PLA sentry on the entrance slope, and I never quite have the courage to point a camera in his direction.

Did it belong to the British Army before the handover?


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That reminds me that the last time I walked passed this house down a path to either the next level or on down to Central, just as I was preparing to take a picture through a side gate next to the path, a PLA soldier appeared the other side.

I do not know who was more surprised, him or me!

Pre 1st July 1997, the Commander of the British Forces ( CBF) stayed at Headquarters House on Barker Road. I recall going there for lunch pre 1997.Major-General Bryan Hawkins Dutton CB CBE (born 1 March 1943) was the last Commander of British Forces in Hong Kong, from 1994 to 1997.


John Budge

Thanks John. That means it would have been transferred to the PLA after the handover, and explains the sentry!

Regards, David

It's top of the list here:

Thanks Phil, I'd forgotten that one. I've updated the building's name.

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I ran by there yesterday and was surprised to see a PLA soldier with a machine gun guarding the entrance way.  For a better view into the compound, best to walk up Llyod's Path up to Severn Road and look down.  The razor wire looks pretty fresh on the perimeter, and the fencing looks like a recent addition (and twice the height of the older more modest fencing)