Our flat in MacDonnell Road

Fri, 03/18/2022 - 15:40

This image shows where we lived when we were in Hong Kong. Our flat is shown in the building on the right, the third window down, with my sister and I looking out of it.

Date picture taken


Thanks for the photo. I remember the area well from the 1960s. Can you recall the name of the building that was your residence?

Note the direction of travel for vehicles and parking on the road is now in the reverse direction. This was changed in the early 70s.

Hi there, 

I've been going back through our various albums and other documents but I can't find a name for the building we were in. It is only the name McDonnell that has stuck in my mind. If I can find a reference to it, I will certainly let you know. I've got a number of internal shots that show we had a balcony facing other flats. 

A Google Street View of South Mansion, 5 Macdonnell  Road appears here The same building still stands today.

Your building may be the one next to it.  Note the tree in the distance which used to be next to a street florist.

Thank you, that does look like a similar view. I wonder if our flats were on a corner as I have found a photo of a road junction showing a big sign for MacDonnell Road pointing to the left in front of a multi storey building with outside steps up the side. I can't think of a reason for taking it other than it showed the bottom of our block.