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New on Gwulo: 2021, week 37

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Book news

A few weeks ago I mentioned that sales of Gwulo's books had passed 5,000 copies. We've since passed another milestone, when the regular sales report from Bookazine shows they have sold over 1,000 copies of Gwulo's books to date, 1,005 to be precise!

Often the larger bookstores won't deal with self-published authors like me, so I'm very grateful that Bookazine were willing to take a risk on a new local author with my first book and have carried each new book since. With every fifth copy sold through a Bookazine store, they've been an invaluable way to reach Hong Kong's readers.

A photo from December 2017...

Gwulo book is available at Bookazine


... and a current link to the books in Bookazine's online store.






A very different looking Shenzhen! This is worth viewing full screen and zooming in to see the detail.

View of Lo Wu border crossing and Shenzhen, from Tai Shek Mo. Early 1971.
Lo Wu border crossing and Shenzhen, from Tai Shek Mo. Early 1971., by Andrew


96 Macdonnell Road 96 facing Grand House - 1970s, by Walker


Kowloon Hotel  1920's.jpg
Kowloon Hotel 1920's.jpg, by danielwettling


Ping On Wharf 1920's.jpg
Ping On Wharf 1920's.jpg, by danielwettling


1956 stewart pier 2.png
1956 stewart pier 2.png, by simtang


HK2 PARADE.JPG, by 2ik7ns-AW_


Charles & Evelyn (Murray) Andrews 1929.jpg
Charles & Evelyn (Murray) Andrews 1929.jpg, by THOMAS ANDREWS


Star Ferry Pier 1970's
Star Ferry Pier 1970's, by danielwettling


Kai Tak R.A.F Station Block Record Plan - 1966
Kai Tak R.A.F Station Block Record Plan - 1966, by HKRS


1977 restaurant Matsu Zaka Kowloon where ?.jpg
1977 restaurant Matsu Zaka Kowloon, by Alain


1984 - HSBC Headquarters under construction
1984 - HSBC Headquarters under construction, by Cliff Atkins


Ivy olive mary batley .jpg
Ivy olive mary batley .jpg, by Aleisha Hobson


ivy newspaper.jpg
ivy newspaper.jpg, by Aleisha Hobson


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