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4, Humphreys Avenue [????-????]

Current condition: 
Demolished / No longer exists

Position of marker is a guess - can anyone identify the location of number 4 in the early twentieth century?

Photos that show this place


My mother was born at that address in 1911.

We used to live at 2A Humphreys Avenue between around 1961 and 1972. I checked online and found out that the building's occupation permit was granted in 1956. About 5 years ago, I passed by and walked up the building to re-visit. It was very run down. None of the earlier neighbours were there. It was a walk-up building 5 storeys high. It brought back a lot of childhood memories. Even the street was much quieter then. It is now re-developed. I would appreciate it if anyone could upload photos of the buildings on the street.

This 1960s view of Humphrey's Avenue was posted by moddsey some time back



I think this photo is indicative of the style in the early 1900s. The porticos and brickwork look very much like what is shown in my grandfather's wedding pictures, which I'm now quite sure were taken at the family residence at Humphrey Road about 1909.

Humphreys Ave and Carnarvon
Humphreys Ave and Carnarvon, by Seemex

Thank you for posting this old photo. It looked so different 110 years ago!

Humphreys Avenue number 4.jpg
Humphreys Avenue number 4.jpg, by alexkchktam

Here's a map of Humphrey's Avenue in 1920, with terraced housing running along either side:

1920 Humphreys Avenue
1920 Humphreys Avenue, by Admin

I posted this picture that is supposedly Humphreys - Cameron Road. The same building is showing but from the opposite side. I wonder which way the numbering was from? Lower numbers at Nathan Road or Carnarvon? Not sure if this is indeed Hmphreys but looks close.

Cameron Rd-Humphreys Rd-Kowloon.jpg
Cameron Rd-Humphreys Rd-Kowloon.jpg, by Seemex

Lower numbers at Nathan Road