Diocesan Boys' School (DBS) [????- ]

Submitted by David on Tue, 09/14/2021 - 00:31
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I was not aware that the first school site was on Bonham Road, Hong Kong.  I was only familiar with the present location of the school in Kowloon.  My father, Willie Reed and his brothers attended DBS and I wondered about the distance they had to travel from their home on Broadwood Road, so this explains it!

My Grandfather William John Livesey also attended this school I have only recently found him through DNA and are try to find out as much as I can 

His Father was John Livesey and mother Harriett Got who I only know she is buried in the cemetery there 

He had two brothers were Charles and Sydney they also went to this school 

Thanks to this site and the people that run it that I found him ..... well done all 


Allen, Gwulo.com is a wonderful venue and source of information.  I learned so much more about my father's family and relatives going back to my great grandparents, thanks to input, comments and research from contributors to this website. I am especially grateful to Jill Fell for her interest and help with my family background, and to Ann Pake for the historical data she provides. A special thank you to David Bellis who founded this website where so many memories and nostalgic photos of old Hong Kong are shared. I hope you will be able to find more information about your family as well.