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New on Gwulo: 2021, week 36

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Book news

Thank you to the new Sycamore Bookshop for carrying my books. The shop is located in Shamshuipo and focuses on books about Hong Kong's history. I'm looking forward to visiting once I've finished quarantine.







If you'd like a challenge, this photo was uploaded in 2012, but its location still hasn't been identified:

WHERE?, by hfsiu


Though another photo of the same street has recently been added:

HK Street scene.png
HK Street scene.png, by eurasian_david


Here's another photo that was a mystery for many years. It was uploaded in 2015, but has just been located to Castle Peak Road. The comments are a good read to follow the contributors pinning down the location.

Does anyone recognize this 1930s building?
Does anyone recognize this 1930s building?, by Seemex


Then back to more recent updates and additions:

Train Kowloon to Tai Po.
Train Kowloon to Tai Po., by Peter Keeley


1930s Tai Lam Camp ???
1930s Tai Lam Camp ???, by moddsey


Cafe Weismann Limited
Cafe Weismann Limited, by christoph


Tau Pass Jeep Track
Tau Pass Jeep Track, by Michael Lam


1959 Gascoigne Road
1959 Gascoigne road, by simtang


Ling Yuet Sin Canossian Kindergarten
Ling Yuet Sin Canossian Kindergarten , by Raymond Lo


1970s wanchai pier.png
1970s wanchai pier.png, by simtang


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