2020-12-31 Apple Daily interview

Submitted by David on Thu, 01/07/2021 - 18:31

[July 2021 update: The recent forced closure of Apple Daily means the original links no longer work, but here are new links where you can find copies of the printed article and the online article & video interview.] 

[April 2021 update: Apple Daily have now translated the article and video into English. Read the English article, or watch the English video.]

This interview was a bit different, as it was my first time on video. Here's the video (me speaking English, with Chinese narration and subtitles), and the original Chinese article

Apple Daily published the video and the accompanying text to their website on 31 December, so that was a good end to the year. Then a slightly modified version of the article appeared on the back page of their print edition for 1 January, followed by the video appearing on their Youtube channel on 2 January, so the good news continued!

My thanks to Dominic Chan (陳家榮) the reporter, for his thoughtful questions, and to Eddie Cheng (鄭明川) the cameraman, for his skilful filming. Although the video lasts for less than eight minutes, the interview lasted over three hours, so a lot of work went into it.

Thanks also to Barbara Anslow's family, IDJ, Moddsey, Philip Allington, and the P. A. Crush Chinese Railway Collection for Allowing Apple Daily to include their photos in the video and articles.