Royal visits to Hong Kong

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Events on this timeline:

Year Details
1869 1869 Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, visits Hong Kong
1922 1922 Prince of Wales visits Hong Kong

From: The Prince of Wales' Eastern Book


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1959 1959 Prince Philip visits Hong Kong
1950s Fred Evans' photos

In March 1959, the Duke of Edinburgh came to Hong Kong on a two-day visit, arriving from Singapore on the Royal Yacht Britannia, escorted by both Britain’s Royal Navy and the Royal New Zealand… read more

1961 1961 Princess Alexandra visits Hong Kong

 The Visit to Hong Kong of Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra of Kent G.C.V.O, 3rd-14th November 1961

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1966 1966 Princess Margaret visits Hong Kong
1966 HK Club.jpg

I know she visited in March but I don't know the exact dates yet.

This Pathe video shows scenes from her visit:

1975 1975 Queen Elizabeth visits Hong Kong

Notes from Hong Kong Memory:

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1977 1977 Princess Alexandra visits Hong Kong

I've found mentions that her visit was "in early February", but I don't have the exact dates yet.

Update: she arrived on 2 Feb as noted below.

1986 1986 Queen Elizabeth visits Hong Kong
1986 - Queen's visit to Hong Kong
1989 1989 Visit to Hong Kong by the Prince and Princess of Wales
1989 Royal Visit - First Day Cover

The Prince and Princess of Wales began their three-day Official Visit to the then British overseas territory of Hong Kong on this day in 1989, the highlight of which was the grand Opening of… read more


In The Hong Kong Diaries (2022), Chris Patten has recorded the visits of the British royal family between 1992 and 1997, most of whom stayed at Government House.

5 November, 1992 “The Prince of Wales arrived to stay, leaving his wife on the plane, or perhaps it’s more true to say she chose to stay on the plane.”

7 November 1992 “We have had quite a busy time with HRH in which Lavender had to do most of the work. She went with him to the official opening of the Bradbury Hospice run by some terrific nuns We had dinners for him and the parade ceremony for Remembrance Sunday at the Cenotaph outside Legco.”

15 November 1993 “The Princess Royal also arrived and is staying with us. She is here for some sort of international meeting involving horses. I’m sure that it’s important but I have not the faintest idea what it is all about.”

18 November 1993 “We had dinner in the evening for the Princess Royal and her lady-in-waiting. (…) As usual she was intelligent and interesting company. When she takes on honorary responsibilities she finds out a lot about the issues involved. So, for example she is more knowledgeable than many of the ministers I used to deal with at Overseas Development on international aid. But I fear I can’t do horses.”

6 March 1994 “The Princess Royal is here once again.”

10 March 1994 “The Princess Royal left in the evening. She always works very hard when she is here. Royal visits continue apace. They take quite a lot of time and effort. But when the visitor works hard, it makes it all worthwhile.”

21 October 1994 “Margaret Thatcher is here and so is Princess Alexandra, once again doing things for the police. We gave them dinner.”

6 November 1994 “This evening the Prince of Wales did actually arrive for a visit. (…) He’s here in the first place to speak at a conference about the urban environment and does so much better than most of the others, I hear.

9 November 1994 “I headed out with the Prince of Wales to visit a housing estate. It all went perfectly well with big, well-ordered crowds – a bit too well-ordered for my liking. Everybody was behind barriers and Edward discovered afterwards that the Housing Authority had repainted a lot of what the Prince was going to see. (…) The Prince obviously doesn’t approve of all the high-rise flats and wants us to try something in his own words more “holistic”. (…) How were we supposed to rehouse all those refugees from mainland China into Hong Kong given its size and topography? But he is miles ahead of most people in public life over the environment and gets criticized for it as though he were off his trolley.”

23 April 1995 “The Princess of Wales came to stay, or rather she came to Hong Kong but stayed at the Mandarin. We got to do lots of charity things with her, mostly it seems organized by David Tang. She looks beautiful and smiles a lot. She is a great celebrity star.


28 January 1997 "The Princess Royal has arrived to open the new consulate building. As ever, she's mastered her brief and works hard. She looks fit, dresses like a young headmistress and doesn't tolerate an ounce of familiarity. As far as I'm concerned, she behaves like 'royals' should. She is preeminently dutiful. At dinner she cheered me up not least with a very funny story about how she was patronized during a recent visit to Delhi staying at the High Commission."

13 February 1997 "Princess Alexandra has arrived the day before Malcolm [Rifkind]. This will be her last visit to Hong Kong as Commandant General of the Police. She has been a fantastic formal head of the police service. They love her to bits and she works incredibly hard whenever she is here."