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New on Gwulo: 2018, week 06

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  • Can you identify any of the people in this school photo from New Method College in 1952:
      BARBARA FEREDAY HK2.jpg, by Alan Fereday
  • Or the girls at Diana Gaston's party, also c.1952:
  • William ANDERSON [????-????], Managing Director of Anderson Music Company and who was one of the first residents of Broadwood Road.
  • Isobel Morrison HOLLAND [1915-????], bridesmaid to Helen Wylie in 1936.
  • Just three people left to identify in the photo of the KGV Prefects 1953-54.


Memories of:










1938 Trench Digging - Indian Troops (1)
1938 Trench Digging - Indian Troops (1), by Moddsey


1920s Arsenal Street
1920s Arsenal Street, by Moddsey


Robins Nest jeep track, by Kenny Lai


GARDEN THEATRE-open-air cinema-SCMP advert
GARDEN THEATRE-open-air cinema-SCMP advert, by IDJ


1940 Naval Wedding - Garden Road
1940 Naval Wedding - Garden Road, by Moddsey


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