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Isobel HOLLAND [1915-????]

c.1915-01-01 (Month, Day are approximate)
Birthplace (country): 

Isobel Morrison Holland was born in Scotland in 1915, her brother Alistair was born in 1917, and her sister Joan Macdonald Holland was born in 1919 or 1920. The family moved to Hong Kong in 1919.

Isobel's mother, Jessie Holland, was shot and died from bullet wounds on 12th December 1941. She was buried in the Happy Valley cemetery the following day, the Rev Frank Short officiated. Isobel's father, Adam Holland, died in the bombing of Stanley Camp's Bungalow C in January 1945.

Jessie Holland was a teacher and an accomplished artist. She was working as an auxiliary nurse when she was fatally wounded.

Isobel Holland was a bridesmaid at Helen Duncan (nee Wylie)'s wedding but our family lost touch with the young Hollands after the war. My hope is that Isobel and Helen's friednship was an enduring one and that someone in the Duncan family may have knowledge of her. Any photo of Helen's marriage would also be wonderful, as we are bereft of any pictorial records of the Hollands, although Adam was a prolific lawn bowler during his time in Hong Kong.


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Hi Ian,

I've copied your information here so Isobel can have her own page.

A photo of the Wylie-Duncan wedding appeared on page 25 of the Hong Kong Sunday Herald, 1936-06-21, but the online scan isn't clear to very see.

Regards, David

Dear David,have just seen the article you posted about Isobel Holland on the 7 Febuary.My great uncle Ben Wylie and his wife Mima daughter was Helen.She was married to Cubby Duncan in 1936.Unfortunatley the Duncans never had any children.Cubby died year 2000  and Helen passed away in 2006.They lived out there retirement in WyangalaDam ,New South Wales Australia after leaving Hong Kong in the early sixties.                 

                     Yours faithfully John wylie.

Dear John,

We've got additional pages for Ben, Mima, Helen and Cubby. If you can add any information to them, it will be very welcome.

Regards, David