Rear Admiral Harcourt talking with Sir C. Grenville Alabaster

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Publisher: The Illustrated London News
Publication date: 1945-09-22

"Liberator Rear-Adm. Harcourt, left, commander of the British force which freed Hong Kong greets Sir C. Grenville Alabaster right, former attorney-general of the crown colony, after his release from camp."

“More Than 1001 Days and Nights of Hong Kong Internment” is a wartime journal of Sir C. Grenville Alabaster, which describes the events of that day.

"On the 30th , Mr. Gimson sent in a Colonial Office telegram , received via Macao , giving news of Win , and at 5.30 in the evening the Union Jack and Allied flags were hoisted in the camp and Mr. Gimson brought Admiral Harcourt , to whom I was introduced . He congratulated me on my knighthood and said that Mr. Gimson and Dr. Selwyn Clarke had each been awarded a C.M.G. decoration."
  • Admiral Harcourt's subsequent ROP.
"We first of all drove out to Stanley Camp which housed all the civilian internees. On arriving we found everyone awaiting us and we had a most unforgettable welcome. Having met the leading members of the camp, I was informed that they were preparing a ceremony for the hoisting of the Union Flag."
Flag raising ceremony at Stanley Camp
Flag raising ceremony at Stanley Camp, by David


Date picture taken
30 Aug 1945