Sheung Wan 1969

Sun, 09/18/2022 - 16:48

See the original photo on Flickr.

Text on Flickr: 

Aerial photo taken of the area of Western Market and the Macau Ferry Pier. This photo was binned when the company I worked for closed their HK operations. Fortunately I was able to scan this photo.

As mentioned above, Western Market and the Hong Kong Macau Ferry Wharf (third generation) are on the left. The next pier is Hoi On/Ming Sang Wharf,  Public Pier No. 17 - British Canton Line / Yuen On Steamship Co. Ltd has already been demolished.

Wing Lok / 三角 Pier  still exists, Permanent Pier No. 6 off Queen Street is gone. Sutherland Street Pier and the Former Wilmer Street Ferry Pier also still there.

Note the difference regarding buildings along the waterfront, obviously the construction boom already has begun.

Date picture taken
1969 (year is approximate)