Former Wilmer Street Ferry Pier [1950-????]

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Location is approximate.  This used to be for the HYF ferries to and from Lamma Island, still in operation in early-mid 1970's.

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Sham, W. C. (2007). The history of Hong Kong and Yaumati Ferry Company limited, 1923 to the 1970s (Master's thesis, Lingnan University, Hong Kong). Page 33

In January 1919, the Kau Lung Sze Yeuk Kai Fong Ferry Company Limited, the first licenced ferry company, started to operate three ferry routes,
Central Market (Jubilee Street) and Yaumati (Public Square Street),
New Western Market (Morrison Street) and Mong Kok Tsui (Shantung Street),
West Point (Eastern Street) and Sham Shui Po (Nam Cheong Street).

All routes were taken over by HYF later in the 1920's. So the location of this pier seems to be confirmed.


My comment above was related to an earlier pier at Eastern Street. This was NOT the one at Wilmer Street.

The Wilmer Street Pier is referred to in the PWR 1930:

This work near Wilmer Street comprises the construction of a reinforced concrete pier extending about 80 feet seaward from the toe of the sea wall rubble mound. .....

It was finished at the end of 1931 (PWR 1931):

—This work was referred to in paragraph 144 of last year's Report. The progress with the construction of the reinforced concrete portion of the work was unsatisfactory and was not completed -until the middle of April which was five months in excess of the Contract period. The construction of the steel bridge spanning the space between the concrete structure and the shore was commenced on the completion of the above work and completed at the end of the year.

Wikipedia reports the demolition of the pier in 1979 by a typhoon (probably Hope on August 2nd) and the subsequent termination of the ferry service to Sham Shui Po..

The HONG KONG AND YAUMATI FERRY COMPANY (SERVICES) ORDINANCE, 1951 lists the following connections:

Wilmer Street Pier — Sham Shui Po Pier.
Wilmer Street Pier — Aberdeen — Cheung Chau Pier.
Wilmer Street Pier — Aberdeen — Tai O.

The Wilmer Street Ferry Pier opened at the end of 1931 and provided a service to the Sham Shui Po Ferry Pier (2nd generation) [1931-1979] that opened at the same time.

After the war the service between Wilmer Street and Sham Shui Po re-opened in 1950.  During typhoon Hope (August 1979) the pier was badly damaged, the services stopped and the pier was demolished c. 1981 when the Western Reclamation extended the sea front further out.

The minutes of the HONG KONG LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL―17 December 1980 refer:

He said:―Sir, I rise to move the first motion standing in my name on the Order Paper. It provides, under section 5 of the Hong Kong and Yaumati Ferry Company (Services) Ordinance (Chapter 266) and by amending the Schedule to the Ordinance, for the extension of existing concessions and for the deletion of Wilmer Street Pier and of services operating to and from that pier. The amendments proposed have the consent of the Company.

The Government is preparing a new draft Ferry Services Bill under which it is intended that franchises should be granted to major ferry operators, including the Hong Kong and Yaumati Ferry Company, and licences issued to minor operators. The new arrangements, which cover every aspect of the Company’s ferry operations, are, however, both detailed and complicated and the negotiations are taking longer than was anticipated.

Because of this it is not expected that the new arrangements can be introduced before the end of 1981 and it is therefore necessary to extend the existing provisions for a further year. It is also proposed that the Schedule to the Ordinance should be amended by the deletion of Wilmer Street Ferry Pier and the rent of $3,000 per month payable for the use of that pier. The pier was severely damaged by Typhoon Hope in August 1979 and, since it is shortly due for demolition to make way for the Western reclamation, it was agreed that expensive repairs should not be undertaken for its remaining life. As a consequence, the Wilmer Street/Sham Shui Po service has been cancelled. The opportunity is also being taken to confirm a change in services to Lamma Island, which are now operated from the Jubilee Street instead of the Wilmer Street Pier.

NOTE: The marker of the pier needs to be shifted eastwards, see 1945 map on Gwulo.