Hong Kong Macau Ferry Wharf [1961-c.1985]

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Ferries on the Hong Kong-Macau route had previously departed from the older OSK / Custodian Wharf. The service moved here on 1 June 1961.

In the mid-1980s the Hong Kong-Macau ferries moved to the current Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal.

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The Government Report for 1957 refers:

The progressive reclamation of land from the sea along the central section of the City of Victoria's waterfront recommenced with the construction of the foundations to a sea wall which, when completed, will enclose a strip of land 250 feet wide and 1,000 feet long. The sea wall will provide berths for the Macau ferries; the reclaimed land will provide sites for commercial and Government offices, as well as for the widening of Connaught Road Central to a width in keeping with present-day traffic needs.

The Government Report for 1958 refers:

The reclamation of a strip of land 250 feet wide between Rumsey Street and Morrison Street in Central Victoria, an area of about five acres, was completed during 1958. The sea wall retaining this reclamation will provide landing berths for the Macau ferries, and the reclaimed land, apart from providing valuable development lots, will permit Connaught Road Central to be widened.

Probably 1959 would be a good estimate for the start of operation.

The new Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal opened 1985, that could have been the end of this generation.

Hong Kong Macau Ferry Wharf moved on june 1 1961. This news report says "the ships between Macau and Hong Kong will dock at the new pier on the newly reclaimed land today"  i.e. june 1 1961.

1961-6-1 hk macau pier moved
1961-6-1 hk macau pier moved, by simtang