Mid-1930s TST Signal hill

Mon, 01/04/2021 - 22:27

Very clear photo that shows details of houses along Chatham Road.

The house right of Signal Hill is the De Jongh Family Residence (2 buildings), followed by Lyton House which is hardly visible behind the new house at 17&19 Chatham Road. This building is much closer to Chatham Road compared to its predecessor Phillips House and also compared to the De Jongh houses.  On the very right hand side are Lyemun Flats.

On the left is the Peninsula Hotel, and right of the hotel should be another one - Rose Hotel.

Signal Hill Tower has lost its time ball, so the date of the photo is after 1933 (1935 was guessed).

Updated after David's comment.

Date picture taken


Hi David, there is definitely another house east of Lyton Building that is visible on some photos of Mody Road. I wasn't sure if this was connected with Lyton House or was a separate one (see here). As both look a bit different, the creation of a new place is reasonable. Regards, Klaus