C.E. Warren's prestigous clients-HK Telegraph-18-01-1937

Tue, 10/13/2020 - 03:32
Date picture taken
18 Jan 1937


This is a very interesting and impressive list of clients, for which many thanks, IDJ. I shall do my best to follow it up. In 1910 C.E. Warren & Co. had already done work for the customs house in Honam - staircase, I think. I can't quite read where the customs house third from the bottom of this list was. It's a shame that business went downhill so badly after 1938, but perhaps it was the same for everyone.

Thanks moddsey. I’ve now found Haikou (Hoihow). The 1936 customer list for the Warren sanitary and drainage projects shows an interesting mix of Catholic institutions; government institutions; commercial concerns, including the private residences of two bank managers; and finally the millionaire, Mr Aw Boon Haw, of the glamorous Haw Par mansions, (who I understand was known as “the King of Tiger Balm”). [See the article posted by IDJ at https://gwulo.com/atom/36628 ] There seem to be an awful lot of big projects being undertaken at the same time, requiring supervision in very different locations. One hopes that the hot water installations were still working at Stanley Gaol Hospital and Stanley Gaol European Quarters when war broke out, although I hardly think the internees would have been the ones to benefit from them, especially if water itself was strictly rationed.