Stanley Prison [1937- ]

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When we lived on the top of Redhill Peninsula in the late 70s, membership to the Stanley Prison Club was open to those outside the prison services - great restaurant but the major benefit was access to Tweed Bay, the beach bottom centre in the photo. 

It was a beautiful beach, incredibly clean (maintained by the prisoners) and lovely clear water - if that photo is relatively recent, it looks like it still is today, judging by the shading of the water by the shoreline.

We moved here from the UK in 1976 when I was 2, and became members of the SPOC for the luxury of the grass tennis courts they had there. Of course one of the other reasons was unobstructed access to Tweed Bay! Like Martin Booth before me that's where I learned to swim. Until the day that my parents found raw, untreated sewage spewing into the bay from the prison and the beach was closed while they fixed it. Not sure we ever went back after that, but I do have some terrific memories of that beach as we were usually the only family there. I remember the water being lovely, clear and warm, and the sand being soft and golden. Was flipping through some photo albums the other day and saw some shots of tweed bay - when I remember I'll scan them and post them up here...

Is there a way to walk into Tweed Bay beach today?  Is it publically accessible?

I think there is supposed to be a hiking trail from up above  but if there is a way from the prison, it would be a lot easier.

I have been there a cople of times recently. Each time I went up the hill (Che Pau Teng) opposite Regalia. The best access point is go to Stanley Fort - turn left on up hill path when you reach the gates to the fort. Follow the perimeter fence. From the top there is trail heading down to Tweed Bay Swimming Beach. First time I did it I walked out through the prison compound. The second time I did it securioty was called and I was escorted out by uniformed Correctional Services Staff. I have also been there by kayak.

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According to the "Report of the Superintendent of Prisons For The Year 1937";

"Hong Kong Prison at Stanley was opened in January and was then partly occupied. This prison was not fully occupied until September."

The date that construction was completed can therefore be taken as January 1937. Sometime later the prison became known as Stanley Prison.