Kowloon, Nathan Road Star Ferry, Yau Ma Ti

Wed, 07/22/2020 - 22:01

This is the page marked ref 3 of Kowloon streetmaps. It actually joins with the page marked ref 1.

Date picture taken
31 Aug 1945


Great maps. Thanks for sharing. I used to walk home to Ferry Point along Saigon Street, which in this map appears to be called Cheung On Street (I have also read somewhere it used to be called Third Street but I'm not sure about that).

I can't help but notice some of the streets have been mixed up. For example, Temple Street / Wusung Street (Woosung Street) and Battery Street / Reclamation Street. 

Glad that you enjoyed looking at these maps and triggered some good, old memories.

I would not be surprised at all if some of the streets were mixed up. There could be conglomerate number of reasons, the most obvious would be that the maps were prepared in haste by my father for the post war military reoccupation. He might not have all the information with him as he was working for B.A.A.G. in Kumming at the time.