Kowloon, Boundary Street, Waterloo Road, Kau Lung Tsai

Wed, 07/22/2020 - 22:01

This is the page marked with ref 2 of the Kowloon streetmaps. Note the Prison of War Camp next to Kowloon Hospital on either side of Argyle Street.

I have now amended the title to Boundary Street to eliminate confusion. I did have a look at the map in magified form and it was marked Boundary Street.

I have done a bit more research to find out why it was referred as Boundary Road in an unaccompanyed note that I have. I must say the information in the note was rather confusing. So rather than trying to dig deeper, I will just put it as an error on my behalf. All good now.

And thanks to Megabyte for the authenticated information about Boundary Street.

All good!

Date picture taken
30 Aug 1945


As far as I recall it's always been known as Boundary Street, but here we have on the main page several mentions of Boundary Road instead. Just saying. Thanks.

Whether it is called Boundary Road before is not something I can verify. Only absolute way to find out would be to ask my father who produced these maps for military reoccupation of Hong Kong after WWII I'm 1945. Unfortunately he passed away long time ago.

it would be great if there are someone else with authority can help us. If I have time, I will try to do some research and come back to you.

Thanks for your interest in these maps. 

Thank you for posting the hand drawn BAAG maps used in the re-occupation of Hong Kong. Have gone through each map and added in most of the place names from the 'place' directory on Gwulo.

Appears that these maps served the purpose of the day.

Thank you AH Leung, your map might help confirm whether this photo of my mother was taken at Maryknoll School.  There were some discussions pro and con.  Your map shows a building on the west side of Waterloo Road marked with a cross which might have been a small hospital hence taller and larger than its neighbours.  Could it be moddsey's "dark object at mid-right"  on my mother's photo?  While the school opened in 1937, I believe construction of the building was not completely accomplished hence the different appearance in the photo.  Regards,  Peter


Maryknoll-C1937- Gathering of Primary School Classmates
Maryknoll-C1937- Gathering of Primary School Classmates, by OldTimer


Hi Oldtimer, your interest also aroused my curiosity. So I looked at what is there at that circulate spot. It is where the Kowloon Tong Club is. The website of the club stated that it has occupied this address since 1935. So the cross shown was probably the outline of a building than indicating a hospital. 

Looking at those round pillars on the right of the photo you posted, they looked more like the entrance to a convent or church. Likely to be a significant structure of Maryknoll school?