Jordan Road ferry pier #1 [1932-????]

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This was the first of the two Jordan Road ferry piers. On maps dated 1947 [1] and 1964 [2] it is marked 'Vehicular Ferry Pier'.

On the 1990 map [3] it is marked as 'Jordan Road ferry Pier', and a separate 'Vehicular Ferry Pier' is shown at the corner of Man Cheong Street and Man Wui Street.

References (all maps are from the 'Mapping Hong kong' book.):

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Photos that show this Place


Since the 1920s, there had been many proposals made for a vehicular ferry service between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. In Octobe 1930, Government gave approval for the construction of ferry piers in the vicinity of Jubilee Street, Praya Central and at the end of Jordan Road on Kowloon side. The ferry piers were completed in 1932 and the cross-harbour vehicular ferry service commenced the following year.

A now and then shot:


In the old days there were no individual bays for buses to park at the terminus.

1930s Jordan Road Ferry Pier


1960s Night View

1960s Jordan Road Ferry Pier


1960s Chinese New Year

1960s Jordan Road Ferry Pier


1960s Jordan Road Ferry Pier