Tramway to sugar factory Hong Kong

Sun, 03/17/2019 - 22:21

Should be King's Road near Quarry Bay. The tram was single-tracked in these early days.

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I believe the original caption is correct.

1. Metropole Hotel was by the roadside; yet in the photo, the white double-storey building was on a higher ground with a distance from the tramway. It was not the hotel.

2. Leaving East Point, the eastbound tramway track took a nearly right-angled LEFT TURN thrice:

i. from the Causeway to the now King's Rd; yet the bay shown was too shallow and without any fishing vessels

ii. Shaukeiwan, alongside Aldrich Bay; again, too shallow without any fishing boats

iii. King's Rd alongside Quarry Bay

    - Refer to this website:

   The 2nd photo shows a westward view at Quarry Bay, in early 1910s. Some heights above the road on the left hand side of the photo was a building which looks very much like the mentioned white one. And just behind the tram was a house which could be the one right at the centre of the posted photo here.

   - I also suspect that the two pillars with the top in black on the right of the large rectangular building which is a little bit to the left of the centre were the two chimneys of the sugar refinery and the building on the top of the round-topped hill could be Woodside House of the refinery!

Hi, the sugar refinery was a large building. If the photo above showed the section of the road leading to Quarry Bay, the sugar refinery would be clear to see. Here's an example view of Quarry Bay for comparison:

The Quarry Bay Sugar Refinery, by The National Archives UK

Magnifying the photo Tramway to sugar factory Hong Kong reveals more details:

North Point Beach 1904
North Point Beach 1904, by Des. White

The white house on the right looks pretty much like the Metropodle Hotel with the sign on the roof (unfortunately, can't read anything). Left of the hotel, two chimneys are visible. These can't belong to Taikoo Sugar - if so, they should be right of the hotel. Probably they belong to quarries located north of Taikoo Sugar.

On, the 1903.1 map shows water depths, pretty shallow like on the photo.