The Metropole Hotel / Belle View Hotel / North Point Hotel, North Point [1898-????] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

The Metropole Hotel / Belle View Hotel / North Point Hotel, North Point [1898-????]

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Demolished / No longer exists
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As Moddsey guessed, this was built where the Metropole Building stands today. The site was bigger then, stretching from King's Road (then the seafront) back to today's Ming Yuen mansions on Peacock Rd.

The notice of the sale gives the lot as IL 1705, which fortunately can still be found on


Photos that show this place


Result from Land shows that the lease was from 1904!

UB35917 - - REASSIGNMENT - -
UB35153 02/02/1904 08/02/1904 LEASE OF METROPOLE HOTEL

Kay, thanks for sharing this. Coincidentally this place appears on the most recent Jurors List (1899) we finished:

c Dalton Charles Manager Metropole Hotel     Shaukiwan Road

So the hotel was certainly open before 1904. Maybe they moved location?

Or was the land record shown above created when the site changed ownership? I see the word "REASSIGNMENT", suggesting this might be the record of a change rather than the first transaction for this lot.  Any chance there are any earlier entries in the results from teh land search?

Regards, David

Set completion date to 22 Oct 1898, based on notes from Moddsey:

Hong Kong Daily Press 15 October 1898

"The Metropole Hotel on the Shaukiwan Road will be opened Saturday next."

Newspaper report on Liquor License says (apparently incorrectly) it was on  - IL 807

July 1902: From one WILLIAM YOUNG for the transfer of his Publican's Licence to sell end retail intoxicating Liquors on the premises situated at No. 2, Shaukiwan Road, under the sign of the "Metropole Hotel ' to one B. BALLEY.

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March 1904: From one JAMES CHRISTIE to sell and retail intoxicating liquors on the premises situated at No. 2, Shaukiwan Road, under the sign of "The Metropole Hotel."

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It was reported in THE HONGKONG GOVERNMENT GAZETTE, 29TH JULY, 1904 that a tram stop was authorized at the Metropole Hotel.

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There is an entry on Gwulo "January 1910 William Winch manager of Belle View Hotel"

In 1917 (see here) the address (2, Pak Shui Wan, Shau Ki Wan Road) for the "Belle View Hotel" appears.

Probably the same building as the Metropole Hotel. Later it became Ming Yuen Gardens.  

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1906 - Aug 23 - Old Metropole Hotel to be reopened as Belle View Hotel
*Belle View Hotel - 2 Pak Shui Wan
1908 - Apr 14 - Liquor License from  Thomas Bernard Maquire
Charles Ernest Clifford
1908 - May 19  - Liquor License from  Thomas Bernard Maquire to
Frederick Ezra John bishop
1909 - Mak Nam-woon - proprietor Belle View Hotel
1910 - William Winch mamager
1910 - Nov 11 - skating rink established
1913 - Nov 25 - Belle View Hotel - A. Weingarten - liquor license
1916 - Dec 29 - Belle View Hotel - Charles Morris
1917 - *North Point Hotel (late Belle View)
1917 - Liquor License to Joshua Brook
1919 - North Point Hotel now * Ming Yuen Gardens