Magazine Gap Comparison c1910 & c1930

Wed, 09/05/2018 - 23:44

Key to the above photo:

A- Eggesford/Cragholme

B- Lewknor/Taiping/Glasbheinn

C- Government Quarters (as per the 1924 map)

D-  ? 

E- Craigmin East & West

F-  Tusculum/Fairyland

G- RBL 50 - Nos 509-510 -Perevil & Holme Down in bottom pic. 

H/I- Durisdeer (site of)

J- Smiths Villa (gw)

K- Military bungalows

L- 520-522 The Peak

M- Cadzow & Fordbank


O- Harford (gw)

P- The Kennels (gw)


R- Magdelene Terrace (gw)

S- Coombe (gw)

Date picture taken