Lewknor & Taiping (later named Glasbheinn ?) [????- ]

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These two lots were bought by brothers Marcus and Henry Slade in 1899.

HENRY ADOLPHUS WARRE SLADE died in 1936, aged 67.  His brother Marcus died in 27 November, 1941, aged 76.

After the war, in 1948, Swire bought the houses and owns them today.

1907 Ladies Directory

Mr. & Mrs. M. W. Slade - Lewknor
Mr. & Mrs. H. W. Slade - Tai Ping 

Tai Ping - means peace in Chinese

Glas Bheinn - means green-grey mountain in Scottish Gaelic

Photos that show this Place


This is a semi-detached building, over 100 years old. The two halves have different names & numbers:

Address West half East half
RBL #    
1907 (see above) Tai Ping Lewknor
1909 115, The Peak / Tai Ping 116, The Peak / Lewknor
1914 125, The Peak / Tai Ping 126, The Peak / Lewknor
1924 363, The Peak / Glasbheinn 364, The Peak / Lewknor
current address 28, Severn Road 26, Severn Road

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Just something I found while searching for the Lewknor property:

MR. MARCUS WARRE SLADE. Barrister-at-Law, was born in 1865, and was educated at Clifton and at New College, Oxford. Called to the Bar of the Inner Temple in 1891, he practised in London for five years before coming to Hongkong early in 1907. He has chambers in Prince's Buildings, Ice House
Street, and resides at " Lewknor," Mount Gough. He is a member of the United
University, the Hongkong, and the Royal Hongkong Yacht Clubs.

Source: TWENTIETH CENTURY IMPRESSIONS OF HONGKONG, SHANGHAI, AND OTHER TREATY PORTS OF CHINA. http://www.archive.org/stream/twentiethcentury00wriguoft/twentiethcentury00wriguoft_djvu.txt