Craigmin East [????-????]

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Recollections of Margaret Ough's personal life.

I was born in the Victoria Hospital at the Peak, in 1907 in Hong Kong. My father, Thomas Kirkman Dealy, was Headmaster of Old Queens College was one of three original principals of the college before its destruction. Memories of my father are somewhat shadowy since he died when I was only sixteen and a half years of age and still at school at the Lycee in Grenoble, France. He is buried in this same city in the Catholic cemetery. He was a wealthy man, having made his money from the Persian Oil Boom and our house at Magazine Gap [also bombed by the Japs during their invasion of the colony] in Hong Kong was, for those days, a lavish establishment. Solidly built of stone blocks with four feet thick outer walls and nine feet wide verandahs, whose ample windows protected by sturdy wooden shutters in times of typhoons, looked out over a marvellous view of nearby rolling hills, crowned by the Military Station, and sloping right down to Aberdeen, the fishing village below and beyond to the islands scattered around the open ocean.

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Its definitely Craigmin East on the left so is the building centreish the military sanitarium? I think they may actually be the Military Bungalows marked no 139 on the 1912 peak map just ot the south of Craigmin East. I think there is a picture of the sanitarium here 

The Peak 01
The Peak 01, by Herostratus